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100 Watt Pond Heaters (Improved 3.0) Thermo Pond Special

100 Watt Pond Heaters (Improved 3.0) Thermo Pond Special

Promotional Offer with the Thermo Pond Heater: The NEW improved Thermo Pond 3.0 has new features over the older model of Thermo Pond! In areas where the threat of ice in winter is obvious, the necessity of a pool heater should be considered. The aquatic life in your pond, especially the fish, cannot survive heavy ice buildup and noxious gases may be trapped. The Thermo Pond Pool Heater 3.0 floats on the surface of the water and uses only 100 watts of energy. An automatic thermostat senses the water temperature and turns on when the temperature of the water approaches freezing. Maintains a hole in the ice to minus 20 degrees F. Has a 12 foot power cord. Tested in extreme cold areas! Does not harm pond liners or plastic ponds and does not need a pond guard. Recommended to use one pool heater for every 1000 gallons of water. This unit has a protected heating element that does not need to be routined cleaned with lime removing cleaners.

Options: Can be used with the Aerator Kit or Air Pump that produces bubbles and enhances the prevention of ice formation at the surface. Tricker's offers two types of air pumps, read about these air pumps CLICK HERE. And the use of a GFCI, is highly recommended with any electrical device used in the water garden pool.

Promotional Mail Order OFFER: Your fish will be waiting for Spring and do not be caught without the fish food once the weather turns warmer! Purchase a Thermopond Heater and you will receive a FREE 1/2 pound Tricker's Floating Fish Food. Also, you will now be on the mailing list to recieve our Tricker's Spring Mail Order Catalog and the popular On Tricker's Pond Newsletter that contains discount coupons to purchase in the early Spring. Take advantage of this special Promotional Offer!

Tricker Recommendation:  Water gardens in the Northern States of latitude of Chicago, Cleveland, and New York should consider the use the 315 watts or higher for harsh winters.

NOTE: This Thermo Pond heater should not be confused with the older discontinued model that had a shorter cord and claims of minus 30 degrees.

On Sale:$59.95
You Save:15%
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Promotional Floating Fish Food - 1/2 Pound*

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - GFCI*

Laguna Pond Aeration Kit SALE with Heater*

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