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Terminate - Superb Ich Remedy and More

Terminate  - Superb Ich Remedy and More
Terminate.® Ich (ichthyophthiriasis) is one of the most prevalent diseases of fish. It is caused by a microscopic single-celled protozoan that causes white spots in the skin and gills of the fish. This causes the fish to scratch or rub on sides of rocks, walls, etc. Alteration of the protective skin of the fish by ICH allows opportunistic bacteria or fungi invasion and the fish can die from secondary causes. The best control of ICH is prevention. New plants or fish can easily introduce ICH to your pond. An excellent preventative measure is to treat your pond for Ich.  BEFORE adding new plants, fish or in the Spring when ICH is most prevalent.

is a broad spectrum treatment that will treat the deadly microscopic parasites found with ich such as fluke, trichodina, costia and others. Use Terminate for these observation with your Koi or Goldfish:
* after treating for flukes with Aqua Prazi and your koi are still flashing. (rubbing against rocks and the sides of your pond)
* your koi have fungus growing on them * your koi show white patches
* you scope your koi and pond fish and find parasites other than flukes, anchor worm or fish lice.

Terminate® is formulated with malachite green chloride, (not the more toxic oxalate salt) and formalin (MG&F). Both drugs are less toxic and more effective in combination than if used individually

Dosage. Add 3.5 oz (100 ml) of Terminate to every 1,000 gallons of pond water. Re-treat daily for 3 days with a minimum of a 25% water change prior to each re-treatment. Thus, 32 oz (960mL) treats 3200 gallons three times and one gallon (3.79 L) treats 12,800 gallons three times.
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Terminate - Superb Ich Remedy and More

Terminate is safe pond treatment for treating ich, costia, chilodonella, oodinium and fungal infections in koi pond fish. Terminate is safe to use on “scaleless” koi and will not set back your pond filter.

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