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William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
Ohio Farm Bureau
Member and active supporter of the Ohio Farm Bureau.


Guarantees: Tricker's Guarantees are the foundation of our company. It is by no accident that William Tricker, Inc.® is the oldest water garden specialist in America. For decades Tricker's has been delivering quality water garden plants and supplies via mail all over the United States as well as the world.
Guarantees are perhaps one of the most important confidence purchasing choices you can make! Tricker Guarantees make purchasing via mail order enjoyable!

Plants: William Tricker, Inc.® guarantees to send you the finest of young vigorous plants. Our plants come to you or can be purchased from our aquatic nursery in perfect condition for planting. If any plant fails to grow under recommended planting and care, see shipping policies, and we are notified in writing or email within 30 days we will replace with the same plant free of charge, the customer to pay the shipping charges only. Within this time frame allows Tricker to help the customer enjoy the aquatics during the growing season. Please indicate in writing or email the circumstances, i.e. planting technique, planting depth, sunlight, location in pond, etc. as to your assessment of the failure along with an image so that the replacement may not repeat and we can assist to avoid additional disappointment. There will be no credit but a replacement and sincere effort to grow the Tricker plants successfully this year as intended. Note: This guarantee applies only to the original plant and plants shipped or purchased at the Tricker Spring Proper Planting time and following months as indicated in the chart, found under "Shipping Policies", and shipped or purchased before September of each year. (Guarantees outside the US are addressed in the "Shipping Policies" category). Recommended planting and care should be used. In order to investigate any shipping or receipt problems please report any problems immediately so we can investigate and assist to correct or prevent a repeat failure. An image of the received or failed plant with location of planting, showing depth, etc. may be requested.

Fish, Scavengers and Daphnia. Tricker's works with each customer to try to bring some of the finest ornamental fish, scavengers and Daphnia to your water garden pool or aquarium. Fish, scavengers (tadpoles, snails, etc.) and Daphnia are guaranteed upon live arrival only. Any of these living items upon arrival must be reported immediately if a replacement will be requested. The cause of the failure, which may be unique to the customer's delivery, must be understood before a replacement is offered. The customer will receive a single replacement of the live items at no charge, but is responsible to pay the actual charges by selected carrier. Thus, there is no credit or refund for the live items or shipping charges, only the option of reshipping the replacement of fish/scavengers/live animals at the customer's expense. Since some areas may have delays in routine shipping which may have caused a delayed delivery or the logistics of delivery, the second shipment may be required to be sent specifically next day air A.M. if Tricker's feels it is necessary to insure live arrival via a different carrier. It is best to have your fish shipped early in Spring or later in Fall during cooler temperatures. During the summer months in the year, if your area experiences extreme temperatures, typically above 80 degrees, a more expedited shipping method is recommended. If you have experienced timely delivery problems by the UPS common carrier in the past, request to upgrade and use another carrier such as A.M. overnight Federal Express may be appropriate. Also, a message to place the package in a special place at your residence for UPS can be entered in the message portion during checkout such as "place package inside garage door in shade" or other special location, or a note on your delivery door that can protect the package if not home to receive it. Replacements can be requested to be made later in the year or early in the Spring. Again, Tricker's works with each customer to bring some of the finest live items to their new homes. An image of package and contents on arrival may be requested.

Liners. The Trickerlite Liner comes with an original purchaser 20 year guarantee from William Tricker, Inc.®. The guarantee covers leaks due to manufacturer's defects. Leaks due to accidental or intentional cuts, punctures, tears or misuse, etc. are not covered. Relocated liners void guarantee. Repair or replacement will be made at Tricker's option if the liner is returned postpaid by the original purchaser to William Tricker, Inc.®, Independence, Ohio. Proof of purchase date via invoice is the responsibility of the original purchaser.

Pump Guarantees: Please refer to the package inserts for specific warranty information and maintenance to keep the pumps in warranty. In general, pumps are conditionally guaranteed for defects in material or workmanship as indicated on the web site from the date of purchase. The guarantee is valid only under normal operating conditions for which the pumps are intended. This is limited to the pump unit only. The warranty does not apply to any pump which has been subjected to cutting the electrical cord, misuse, negligence, tampering, or accidental damage to impeller or impeller shaft. The motor is factory sealed, tampering will void guarantee. Warranty will be void if sealed motor housing is open, product connected to voltage other than indicated on the name plate, cord cut, pump allowed to operate dry, pump used to circulate other than water, and product abuse by customer. It is highly recommended to use a GFCI with all pumps.

Other Items and Final Comment. If there are items damaged in shipment, please contact us immediately. It may be necessary to file a claim with the carrier.

  1. Remember, Tricker's has been selling and mailing aquatics and products long before the internet was invented, specifically since 1892. Tricker's works with all customers making Water Gardening an enjoyable experience. This is and always has been the goal of William Tricker, Inc.® and we THANK YOU for your purchases and confidence.

William Tricker, Inc.®
7125 Tanglewood Drive
Independence, OH 44131
Telephone: 1-800-524-3492
Fax: 216-524-6688

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