Tricker's is a family-run store. We are sorry to say that the aquatic store (live plants and animals) is currently closed due to family illness.
We hope to be offerring live plants, fish, tadpoles, etc. about mid-July.

Current orders are shipping ASAP.

We ARE accepting orders for & shipping hardgoods such as
fish food, medications, pumps, fountains, statues, planters, etc.

Call 1-855-222-1001 to inquire about or place an order for those products.
Or place your order for them online.

If you need a referral for aquatic plants, please check Lily Pons at

We look forward to serving your aquatic needs very soon!

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Pool Filters, Filter Material, Waterfalls, Vacuums

Pool filters and skimmers help keep your water clean and healthy. Waterfalls add a beautiful sight and sound of water. Pond Vacuums are designed to help you clean your pool!

Please call if unsure, you are about to invest in products that Tricker's recommends, however this decision should be prudent!

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