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Historical Water Gardens
William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
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Member and active supporter of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Skimmer Filter, Geyser Fountain, Lighting

SkimAway Filter. Tricker's offers a simple way to make a water feature Geyser display with LED lights, filter skimmer in one simple step! 3 in 1 unit! No guessing the tubing sizes, type of lights, fountain heads, etc. Just purchase and add to your water garden pool!

Purchase with confidence. Tricker is a distributor of these products and carries all parts and necessary items to make many different configurations.

Do not forget to use the bacterial additive Ultra Clear (click here) after setting up your filter system or any filter system. And, the beginning SURE START. Call if unsure.

Skimmer Filter, Geyser Fountain, Lighting Selections

SkimAway Filter - Pump, Geyser, Lights
The SkimAway provides complete filtration for clear and healthy pond water. With 10 integrated super bright LED lights, accent lighting is incorporated into your water garden. read more...
SkimAway Replacement Filter - Fine
This "fine" filter is used as replacement for the SkimAway Filter.

$8.49 ea.

SkimAway Replacement Filter - Coarse
This coarse filter is used as replacement for the SkimAway Filter.

$14.49 ea.

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