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Information and Planting Oxygenating Plants

Oxygenating Plants: The BEST for your water garden pool or Aquarium!
Oxygenating Plants are the heatbeat of the water garden pool or aquarium. The information below should help you understand their value and how to plant them.
View this video and see the fish swimming through a few popular selected oxygenating plants. You have to agree that they are "happy" fish. This is theWORLD under the water in your Water Garden Pool or Aquarium! ENJOY the view!

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The oxygenating plants should be a part of every water garden pool. They have many different functions as often recognized in nature. Which ones should you select? Your decision is often based upon the ecology of your water garden pool or aquarium. Try a variety and see what best grows in their new ecological environment. Select for color, attractive, etc. BUT some have a function that keeps your water pure. These varieties should definitely be a part of your water garden pool.
1. Perhaps the BEST oxygenating plant is Anacharis. The plant can produce pure bubbles of oxygen in sunlight. Absorbs ammonia and phosphates out of the water. It is very easy to grow and maintain. Any new water gardener or experienced should have this easy to grow oxygenator. The plant is planted similar to the description of Vallisneria (see below). To order Anacharis click HERE

2. Another excellent oxygenator is Vallisneria. If you have not seen the video of Vallisneria in a River, please take the time to observe a marvel of Nature and read the ecological benefits below. To order Vallisneria click HERE

Vallisneria. Richard Lee, biologist and owner of Wm Tricker, Inc.®, took the video of our native Vallisneria in one of our local rivers here in Ohio and would like to share this video with you. The video shows one of the MOST Amazing and soothing sights in Nature: Vallisneria and a River in harmony. Walter Pagels, prominent world aquatic specialist from California, also enjoyed this video and commented that this video is a most wonderful display of Vallisneria in Nature. He also agreed that every water garden pool should have Vallisneria!
Order Vallisneria. Click HERE and THANK YOU! Grown in Tricker's Aquatic Greenhouses!
Chacteristics of Vallisneria.
Treat for fish, they love to swim among the strap-like leaves.
Small fish find refuge in the leaves.
Produces an abundant amount of pure oxygen.
Absorbs ammonia from the water.
Reduces phosphorus that causes algae growth.
Grows excellently in moving or still water.
A native North American aquatic plant that is hardy.
Leaves easily grow to long lengths.
Easily reproduces by runners.
How to Plant plant an OXYGENATOR
To plant an oxygenator is simple.

1. Select the appropriate crate. The lattice sides will allow the roots to penetrate and derive nourishment from the surrounding water.

2. Put in a good grade of topsoil that contains clay (if the soil does not have clay use Tricker's AMT). Mix in the correct amount of the fertilizer Praefecta.

3. Hollow out a hole in the topsoil and place the oxygenator's roots in the hole and gently cover the roots with the topsoil.

4. Place the crate with the planted oxygenator into the water garden pool. Make sure that the leaves of the plant are not deep (top leaves only a few inches from the water surface), the sunlight must reach the leaves.

5. As the plant grows within a few weeks add a pellet of Trico fertilizer. Push this pellet into the soil and cover with the soil.

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