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Historical Water Gardens
William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
Ohio Farm Bureau
Member and active supporter of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Products for FAST Algae Control

ALGAE PROBLEMS® Finally FAST acting remedies for that ALGAE that just will not go away! Safe for fish and aquatic life!
CALCULATION OF GALLONS in YOUR POOL: Before you select any of the products compute the gallons of water in your pool: Multiply in feet the length X width X depth X 7.5 = Gallons OR for a round pool 0.8 X Diameter X Diameter X Depth X 7.5 = Gallons. If in doubt, please call.
For the complete algae and long lasting cure, use UltraClear Oxy or Algaecide with Tricker's biological Ultra Clear. Purchase both in a cost savings collection, go to Economical Collections - Control of Algae!

Products for FAST Algae Control Selections

An effective oxygen based powder for cleaning rocks, waterfalls, fountains, statues, plant pots, and ponds in general. It reduces the need to drain the pond and is effective in reducing odor from decaying material. read more...
Algaecide : Kills Algae Fast
Finally, NOW for that stubborn algae that just will not go away! A simple to use liquid algaecide. Excellent for treating string algae in water garden pools. read more...
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