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Treating Aquarium Water - Ammonia, incorrect pH, etc.

Treating Your Aquarium

The health of your fish is dependent upon the water quality. Tricker's has been helping customers successfully treat and understand water quality for decades! There is an abundance of remedies on the market today, however Tricker's feels the ones we offer not only work, but many others only complicate the treatment and maintenance of the quality of water. Please call us if you are unsure, not only will you be glad, but your fish and other aquatic life will be happy!

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Treating Aquarium Water - Ammonia, incorrect pH, etc. - Items

Aquarium Ammonia Ease
Free Shipping. Aquarium Ammonia-Ease 1 oz. High ammonia is a killer of fish and life in the water garden pool or aquariums. After checking the ammonia levels and an increase is evident, "Ammonia-Ease" is highly recommended... click here to read more

$8.95 ea.

Aquarium Premium Grade Filter Carbon
FREE Shipping. Carbon purifies the water in the aquarium. Tricker's economical carbon is used to routinely replace the carbon in filter cartridges... click here to read more
Aquarium Zeolite - Ammonia Remover
Free Shipping. Zeolite is excellent to remove toxic ammonia. Tricker's economical zeolite should be used routinely by refilling the filter cartridges. Use 2 tablespoons of Zeolite in your filter cartridge for every 10 gallons of water... click here to read more
Nitra-Zorb - Removes Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate
Free Shipping. Scientifically proven to rid your fresh water aquarium of toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Can be reused after it is recharged in a salt solution. Package contains one large pouch for up to 55 gallons for 2 months... click here to read more

$19.95 ea.