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William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
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Aquarium Fish Medications - FREE Shipping

Fishes as well as other animals are subject to a wide spectrum of diseases. Fishes are affected by water temperature, pH, osmotic pressures, dissolved gases, elements, etc. These factors also determine whether or not a disease agent can or will cause disease in a fish.

Ich (ichthyophthiriasis) is one of the most prevalent diseases of fish. It is caused by a microscopic protozoan that causes white spots in the skin and gills of the fish. Alteration of the protective skin of the fish by ich allows opportunistic bacteria or fungi for invasion and the fish can die from secondary causes. The best control of ich is prevention. New plants and fish can introduce unsuspected ich.

If in doubt, call us to discuss the causes and treatments with a Tricker staff member. We successfully raise thousands of fish!

Aquarium Fish Medications - FREE Shipping Selections

Aquarium PraziPro
FREE Shipping. The world’s first ready to use liquid praziquantel treatment. PraziPro is a way to control unwanted parasites in your aquarium. Extremely safe and super effective and will not effect your biological filtration. read more...

$14.79 ea.

Aquarium UltraClear Dechlorinator 4 oz
FREE Shipping. Aquarium Ultra Clear DeChlorinator. Conditions and Detoxifies the Water. read more...

$7.75 ea.

Aquarium Aqua-Prazi
FREE Shipping. A long known safe remedy for fish in treating internal flukes and tapeworms found in the intestines, gills, liver, etc. and is readily absorbed in the blood of the fish for better treatment. read more...

$35.99 ea.

Aquarium Nox-Ich - Classic Ich Remedy
FREE Shipping. Ich (ichthyophthiriasis) is one of the most prevalent diseases of fish. It is caused by a microscopic single-celled protozoan that causes white spots in the skin and gills of the fish. read more...

$8.65 ea.

Tricker's Protect-Ease
FREE Shipping. Tricker's Protect-Ease. A mild treatment to help protect against the all present of parasites and bacteria which could cause ick and/or white cottony fungus. read more...

$5.15 ea.

Tricker's Wound-Ease
FREE Shipping. Wound-Ease promotes the regeneration of damaged skin, fins, or scales by combining a healing and protective wound coat. Has a double slime-coat protection promoting natural body protection against infection. read more...

$7.99 ea.

Melafix 16 oz - Natural Antibacterial Fish Remedy - Aquariums
FREE Shipping. A natural fish remedy extracted from tea trees. Heals open wounds & abrasions, treats fin and tail rot, eye cloud, mouth fungus and promotes regrowth of damaged fin rays & tissue. read more...

$25.90 ea.

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