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Aquarium Decorations - Free Shipping

Spruce up your aquarium with some beautiful decorations. You fish will love swimming around them as they chase, hide, or just enjoy the scenery looking out.

Aquarium Decorations - Free Shipping - Items

Aquarium Background
Aquarium Background
Free Shipping. This background is placed on the back of the aquarium and gives a pleasing "background" effect in the water. It adds color and makes the fish easier to view. It has two sides, one of freshwater and the other side of saltwater... click here to read more

$4.50 ea.

Castle Ruins - Aquarium Decoration
Free Shipping. Wonderful aquarium decoration. Add personality to your aquarium tank. Made of polyresin. Non fading colors and that does not harm the water quality. Approximately 3" long, 3.75" tall, and 2.25" deep.

$8.50 ea.

Small Sunken Galleon Ship
Small Sunken Galleon Ship
Free Shipping. A great addition to any aquarium: a small sunkin galleon ship. Great detail. Has spaces for the fish to swim into. Hand painted, life-like, can be used in fresh or salt water aquariums... click here to read more

$19.99 ea.