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Aquatic Pumps

There are many pump styles and models on the market today...and pump selection can become confusing. There is more to a "gallons per hour" comparison. Tricker's has been selling aquatic pumps for over 60 years and has a wonderful selection of reliable pumps for WATER GARDENS!

Not all aquatic pumps are alike. Tricker's works closely with each aquatic pump manufacturer to make sure you receive the most up to date pump models from each manufacturer. Tricker's dose not sell pumps that have been sitting on the shelves and have been replaced by more efficient models. Since Tricker's sells on a truly large scale we can eliminate any future problem pumps and will not sell pumps that are reported to be prone to failures or problems and replace our inventory routinely.

YOU will recieve the most up to date and efficient pump... Tricker's guarantees it!

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