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Products for Biological Control of Algae

A pond green with algae is not very attractive and must be controlled. Biological control should be attempted before chemicals are tried. Two important biological controls should be done:

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First: Approximately 60 to 70 percent of the surface covered with foliage of water lilies, floating plants, shallow water and bog plants and the use of oxygenating plants is vital. These plants will not only limit the amount of sunlight necessary for the growth of algae but will take minerals out of the water faster than the algae and the algae will starve.

Second: Tricker's offers biological safe additives for the water garden pool, such as the natural bacteria that is found in nature. These additives will help the water garden pool remove excess nutrients that feed algae and keep your water healthy and clean from algae. Tricker's selected products will NOT harm fish, tadpoles, salamanders, clams, snails, aquatic plants, daphnia...they are BIOLOGICAL!

CALCULATION OF GALLONS in YOUR POOL: Before you select any of the products compute the gallons of water in your pool: Multiply in feet the length X width X depth X 7.5 = Gallons OR for a round pool 0.8 X Diameter X Diameter X Depth X 7.5 = Gallons. If in doubt, please call.

Products for Biological Control of Algae - Items

Ultra Clear  Clarifier- Biological
Beautify your pond, improve the clarity, and reduce organic sediment. Ultra Clear Clarifier is beneficial to fish and wildlife in ponds.
Ultra Clear Sludge Digester - Biological
Finally, for that "sludge" that is on the bottom of your water garden pool. 100% biological, professional strength formula and works to keep your pond healthy and "Ultra-Clear"... click here to read more
Ultra Clear Barley Straw Pellets - BEST Biological
A safe, effective, natural way to treat ponds for clarity and can be safely used with all other UltraClear products. The pellets are cleaner and easier to use than the bales (and requires a lot less space than the unsightly bales)... click here to read more
Ultra Clear SST (Super Strength) - Biological
A Super Strength (SST) biological treatment for clarifying ponds from top to bottom. It is more than twice the strength of the regular Ultra Clear and contains a special additional blend of natural bacteria... click here to read more
Laguna Barley Straw Pellets - BEST Biological
Barley straw has been processed into a convenient and effective slow release pellet to assist in maintaining a clear pond water naturally. The pellets are completely natural and will support pond growth... click here to read more
Laguna Phos-X - Clear Water Product
Phos-X can be placed in a filter or just set directly into the water garden pool to absorb and trap phosphate, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia... click here to read more
UltraClear Defoamer
UltraClear DeFoamer. Quickly eliminates unsightly foam in Koi ponds, fish ponds, water gardens, fountains & statues. Leaves water clean and clear by increasing surface tension of water. Works in seconds.Safe for fish, plants & wildlife... click here to read more