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Blue Flowered Tropical Water Lilies

Many Blue Flowered tropical water lilies were developed at Tricker's and are proven hybrids that have endured with decades of beauty! This is a special color of flower that is not found in the hardy varieties. Other varieties are developed from noted hybridizers and have also adorned water garden pools for decades!

Blue Flowered Tropical Water Lilies - Items

Blue Beauty - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Blue Beauty' is our most popular water lily and in high demand. (See and read about Blue Beauty displayed in our Tricker catalogs from the 1930s click on image in web site or full view).

Today's Sale: $24.50

Reg: $29.50

Save: 17%

Blue Sapphire - Tricker Hybrid
Blue Sapphrire. Introduced in 2015. Trickerís is proud to have produced a wonderful multipetaled azure blue water lily that has strongly mottled pads. This water lily has a strong attractive aroma characteristic of tropical water lilies.

Today's Sale: $25.50

Reg: $36.90

Save: 31%

Caerulea - Blue Lotus of the Nile
Caerulea-Blue Lotus of the Nile. Trickerís is proud to offer a water lily that has produced many of our special water lily hybrids, the Caerulea water lily.

Today's Sale: $39.90

Reg: $49.00

Save: 19%

Astraea Tropical Water Lily
Astraea is an old time favorite water lily here at Tricker’s nursery! The name Astraea is found in Greek mythology and translated as “star maiden”.

Today's Sale: $22.75

Reg: $39.00

Save: 42%

Bob Trickett - Tropical Water Lily
In 1949, George Pring, famous hybridizer of the noted Missouri Botanical Gardens, introduced this hybrid named for water lily expert Bob Trickett from England's famous Kew Gardens, London.

$28.25 ea.

Mrs. Edwards Whitaker Tropical Water Lily
George Pring, famous hybridizer form the Missouri Botancial Gardens, introduced this beautiful hybrid in 1917. Flowers are lavender blue becoming pale with age until they are almost white.

Today's Sale: $25.25

Reg: $33.95

Save: 26%

Bagdad - Tropical Water Lily
The flowers are wisteria blue, broad and flat, gold centered with yellow stamens and petioles just long enough to hold them above the floating leaves.

$25.75 ea.

Pamela Tropical Water Lily
The flowers of this hybrid introduced in 1931 by August Koch are large, sky-blue, saucer-shaped, with broad petals held high above the water's surface. Leaves are green, marbled brown.

$26.50 ea.

Mrs Woodrow Wilson - Tricker Award Winning Water Lily Hybrid
A beautiful 1914 William Tricker hybrid made from the popular blue flowered water lily 'Dauben' and bears the same viviparous leaf characterisitics.

Today's Sale: $18.95

Reg: $25.75

Save: 27%

Shirley-Ann - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
Hybridized in 1963 in the aquatic greenhouses at William Tricker, Inc.® by Gil Lambacher and Dr. Charleston and named after their wives.

$22.50 ea.

Pennsylvania - Tropical Water Lily
This hybrid was created by the well known water lily specialist Dr. Henry Conard in 1907 and can be considered to be one of his best introductions. Dr.

$25.75 ea.

King of Blues - Tropical Water Lily
Blossoms of this 1955 hybrid water lily are navy blue with yellow stamens tipped blue and sepals blue with purple overtones. A true "King" of the blue tropicals and has proven its beauty from Tricker customers.

$26.75 ea.

Blue Bird - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
A Tricker hybrid by the famous Tricker hybridizer Bob Sawyer that was produced in our aquatic nursery and introduced in 1929. It is considered a "good luck" charm to all water gardens.

$25.75 ea.

Colonel Lindberg - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
In 1929 the William Tricker nurseries introduced this special hybrid sometimes known as "Lindy". Bob Sawyer of William Tricker, Inc. is given credit for this beauty.

$26.95 ea.

William Stone - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
The late William Tricker produced this wonderful hybrid in 1897 and has a particularly attractive sky blue with a tint of violet colored flower.

$24.75 ea.

Leopardess - Tropical Water Lily
Introduced by hybridizer Martin Randig in 1931, with very fragrant, cobalt blue, medium sized blossoms. Leaves are deep green, spotted and striped with maroon, one of the deepest marked leaves among the varieties of water lilies.

$24.25 ea.

August Koch - Tropical Water Lily
George Pring, famous hybridizer of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, named this hybrid after the chief florist August Koch of the Chicago Park System who discovered the seeds in 1922.

$27.50 ea.

Tina - Tropical Water Lily
A beautiful viviparous hybrid which combines shades of blue. purple and pink in the blossoms. The bright yellow center is surrounded with many lavender stamens. Produces an abundance of fragrant flowers all summer long! A must in any pool!

$27.75 ea.

Blue Gigantea - Tropical Water Lily
One of our favorite tropical water lilies that was introduced into the United States in the 1800s. The species is native to Australia. It is considered the "queen of the water lilies".

$43.95 ea.

Marmorata - Tropical Water Lily
This George Pring hybrid was developed in 1917 from the popular water lily 'Mrs. Edwards Whitaker'. Flowers large and blue with a delightful fragrance and petals which are numerous, thin and lavender blue.

$24.75 ea.

Margaret Randig - Tropical Water Lily
Famous hybridizer, Martin Randig introduced this hybrid in 1939, and considers it as his greatest production. Blossoms are large, fragrant, rich dark blue, with broad petals. Leaves are dark green with spots of bronze.

$26.50 ea.

Blue Star - Tropical Water Lily
An extremely large light blue star-shaped shaded blossom, hence the name, with a deep yellow center. Its dark green leaves provide a striking background for the blooms which are carried high above the water surface.

$22.75 ea.

Henry Shaw - Tropical Water Lily
In 1917 famous Missouri Botanical Garden hybridizer, George Pring produced this wonderful hybrid and named it after Henry Shaw, who in 1899 founded the world famous Missouri Botanical Gardens.

$23.50 ea.