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Historical Water Gardens
William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
Ohio Farm Bureau
Member and active supporter of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Bulkhead Fittings, Patch Seam Tape, Black Foam

Repair your pond or add accessories with bulkhead fittings, patch seam tape, and black foam.

Bulkhead Fittings, Patch Seam Tape, Black Foam Selections

Water Garden Bulkhead Fitting
Water Garden Pool Bulkhead Fittings are used to make an overfill, drain or inlet (water source) through the Tricker's Pool Liner or Preformed pool. read more...
Patch/Seam Tape per Foot
Patch/Seam Tape per Foot. A black rubber-like tape that comes in 6 inch widths.Price is for 1 foot x 6". Order longer lengths by clicking on the image or photograph.

$7.95 ea.

Black Water Garden Foam
Black Water Garden Foam. Use this black polyurethane spray foam to set your water fall, rocks, or other support and attachments necessary in building a water garden pool. The black blends into the cracks and makes a natural foundation. read more...
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