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Tricker's has the products to maintain your Water Quality! Every season maintenance should include measures to keep your pond life healthy and aquarium with excellent water quality. Most of these have been tested by Tricker's over the decades and recommends them for quality pond and aquarium maintenance.

The "Nitrogen Cycle" is a cycle that occurs in nature and must occur in your pool to achieve water quality. If the cycle is interrupted, problems often arise, i.e. fish problems, algae blooms, etc. Testing for water quality that involves the nitrogen cycle is important. These results are important in diagnosing problems that arise in water gardens. The products that contain "good" bacteria, are very important to use as a routine additive to keep the water clear and healthy.

The products you find here do not harm aquatic plants and animals such as fish, tadpoles, salamanders, turtles, snails, clams, and daphnia.

Calculate Gallons in Your Pond. Before you select any of these excellent products, compute the gallons of water in your pool.
Measure the length, width and depth in feet.
Rectangular Pond including kidney-shaped: Multiply the length X width X depth X 7.5
Round Pond: Multiply 0.8 X Diameter X Diameter X Depth X 7.5

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