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Live Fish Foods

Live Fish Foods are very important for fish in the outdoor Water Garden Pool or in an Aquarium. Fish need a natural fish food and Daphnia and Duckweed provide an exceptional nutritious value. Often dried fish foods try to mimic the nutritional value of live fish foods and can foul or contaminate the water.

Why not give your fish a live fish food treat now? Try a single order, or sign up for our discounted "STANDING" order (see below) that will be delivered thoughout the year. For Daphnia the pond season typically begins in Spring (approximately in April, but can be requested earlier in the comments section during check out, and goes through the Summer and Fall months.

Duckweed and Daphnia can be ordered and shipped all year long.

PRICE SAVINGS on Standing Orders (SO). The price of Standing Orders are Discounted over individual Prices: These standing orders are set up to receive a supply of fresh live fish foods each week or every other week at a reduced rate with Daphnia by ordering from the "standing order" category. This eliminates the need to have to place an order order each week or bi-weekly (every other week). Your credit card will be charged only when the live fish foods are sent each week or bi-weekly. All standing orders are sent separate from other orders and charged the regular shipping and handling. Outside the continental US please call. You can cancel or delay shipments at any time (vacations, etc.) simply by telephone or email. The live fish foods standing orders can begin at any time of the year for Duckweed and for Daphnia from early Spring and continue until October. Once you place your order the standing order will begin at that time. If you want to begin your standing order and end at a specific time other than a continued standing order (such as vacations, etc.), please indicate in the "comments" section while placing your order.

Live Fish Foods - Items

Daphnia - Live Fish Food
Live fish foods are considered to be one of the most valuable of foods for all fish. Fish hobbiest have known the true value of Daphnia and other infusoria for decades... click here to read more
Live Duckweed
Living Duckweed (Lemna minor), a small floating plant, is highly recommended for fish. They truly love it! Duckweed is considered a vegetable for the fish and is extremely healthy in a fishes diet... click here to read more
Standing Order Daphnia and Duckweed - Live Fish Food
Standing Order Daphnia and Duckweed - Live Fish Food


Please check back soon.

Standing Order of either Daphnia, Duckweed or Both at a Discounted Over Regular Prices. You will receive the live fish food each week or every other week (bi-weekly) as selected below. Your credit card will be charged only when each order is sent... click here to read more