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Deck Pond

The Deck Pond is a wonderful addition to your deck, outside backyard or indoors! The entire setup is simple to make and comes with a pump to make a wonderful waterfall!

You can also add aquatic plants and underwater lights to make into a real gem!

Deck Pond - Items

Deck Pond with Waterfall
This wonderful addition to your deck, inside, outside or in a special place in your yard. Creates a wonderful waterfall from the upper tier into the main basin. Includes a 214 gallon per hour Laguna pump that is hidden in the upper basin.

$499.99 ea.

Deck Pond Plant Collection
Plants in photograph are (1 Qty) Dwarf Giant Papyrus, (3 Qty) Flowering Rush and (3 Qty) Water Hyacinths. And, if you need planting crates there is an option to add two small planting crates.

$49.25 ea.