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Semi-Dwarf and Dwarf Lotus

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Grow a Tricker hardy LOTUS today and enjoy a world that has been enjoyed by thousands of satisfied Tricker customers!
Tricker's planting directions are sent with each lotus tuber. Please follow them closely. Lotus typically needs a lot of room to grow to bloom. Tricker's Large and Medium Planting Tubs are perfect for growing lotus! They provide the ample room necessary to grow and bloom. It is highly recommended to use the Large Planting Tub for best results. These planting tubs are proven to allow the lotus to prosper and bloom!

Semi-Dwarf and Dwarf Lotus - Items

Momo Botan - Semi-Dwarf Lotus
Momo Boton Lotus is a semi-dwarf, free flowering variety that has beautiful double red blossoms and are extremely attractive. It grows well in a confined space such as a tub or half barrel and blossoms profusely. An excellent grower!

Today's Sale: $37.99

Reg: $43.50

Save: 13%

Tulip Lotus - Semi-Dwarf
The beautiful Tulip Lotus is a semi-dwarf hybrid and is an excellent blooming lotus. The completely white flowers resembles a tulip blossom hence the name. It grows good in small containers or small pools.

Today's Sale: $38.50

Reg: $43.95

Save: 13%

Tricker's Mini Red Lotus - Dwarf
Tricker's Mini Red Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera var. Tricker's Minired). This true dwarf, free flowering variety has beautiful small single red-pink blossoms that are extremely attractive... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $39.50

Reg: $45.95

Save: 15%