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Early Spring Flowering Aquatics

Early Spring Flowering Aquatics

Early Spring Flowering Aquatics Tricker customers that have planted these three aquatic plants and enjoy the earliest of blooms each year. They love cooler temperatures, and are all hardy, and even in the Northern climates they bring a welcome beauty as they are true harbingers of Spring well before your water garden pool begins its full beauty. Plant these this year, and enjoy them as a beauty each year! Do you know which one can bloom far into the winter? Enjoy the video!

Click on each aquatic plant to return to the description Water Hawthorn, Marsh Marigold and Bog Bean.

Plan ahead for the planting of your water garden pool and enjoy aquatics as Tricker customers have for over 100 years!

Early Spring Flowering Aquatics - Items

Marsh Marigold
Marsh Marigold (Caltha pulustris). A beautiful native hardy plant which is almost the earliest to flower in the water garden, producing rich golden flowers in wild profusion... click here to read more
A perennial aquatic with creeping root stalks in shallow water. Its fragrant white flowers are borne on stout stalks, fringed and suffused with pink. One of the first to bloom in the spring. A true harbinger of spring... click here to read more
Water Hawthorn
Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyus). A most admirable plant that is known for its long blooming characteristics, and has been known in some locations to be still blooming at Christmas... click here to read more