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Economical Tropical Water Lily Collections

The following tropical water lily collections have been offered at Tricker's for decades. They offer color and beauty to any water garden pool. If you want multiple blooms then select from the collections below! The price is a reduced price over individual prices. Read more about these superior "true hybrids" under the individual name listings found on the home page.

The photograph is one of Tricker's historic propagating greenhouses! It has produced the finest tropical water lilies for decades and for decades Tricker customers have received the BEST...these should be your choice! TRUE COST SAVINGS COLLECTIONS

After selecting your water lilies do not forget the Special Planting Crates (tap here) and Tricker's proven Aquatic Fertilizer (tap here) to achieve the descriptive flowers and BEST growth!

Economical Tropical Water Lily Collections - Items

Tricker's Mail Order Special - 2 Lilies
Two gorgeous tropical water lilies each of a different color selected by our mail order staff at Tricker's to bring beauty and color to any water garden pool.

$31.95 ea.

1925 Water Lily Collection - 3 Water Lilies
In the early years of water gardening many tropical water lilies were admired and selected not only for their beauty, but fragrance. This fragrance was brought indoors by cutting the water lily flowers and placing in a bowl of water in the home.

Today's Sale: $64.99

Reg: $97.40

Save: 34%

General MacArthur Trio - 3 Lilies
This special popular trio of water lilies has been a favorite for decades and continues to be a special Tricker offer. It is a true RED, WHITE, and BLUE patriotic favorite! You will receive three popular and attractive water lilies: 1.

Today's Sale: $62.80

Reg: $81.60

Save: 24%

Night and Day Trio - 3 Water Lilies
Enjoy your water garden day and night.

Today's Sale: $66.99

Reg: $79.75

Save: 17%

University of Michigan Duet - 2 Water Lilies
As you grow these two tropical water lilies, make sure that they are at the opposite end of your "Hardy Ohio State University" collection. The best growth determines who goes to the Bowl game.

Today's Sale: $47.20

Reg: $52.40

Save: 10%

Romance Duet - 2 Water Lilies
This lily duet offers the most romantic of colors. A true lovers delight from the warmth of its colors. You will receive tropical water lilies: 'Mrs. C. W. Ward' (a Tricker hybrid which is a bright rose-pink, long stem flowers) and 'Mrs.

Today's Sale: $44.25

Reg: $67.90

Save: 35%

Sapphire Collection
Sapphire Collection. Get the best of two wonderful water lilies with two hybrids that will make your water garden a real gem! You will receive the newly introduced Blue Sapphire water lily and Trickerís Pink Sapphire.

Today's Sale: $46.50

Reg: $73.80

Save: 37%

Duet of Fragrance - 2 Water Lilies
Here is a delightful combination of two very fragrant tropical lilies. A must for a small pool or combination with other water lilies.

Today's Sale: $44.50

Reg: $54.00

Save: 18%

Blue, Blue and More Blue Collection: 3 Pygmy Lilies
This is a very popular cost savings collection of three pygmy water lilies. The many shades of blue are exquisitely displayed in this attractive collection of pygmy lilies.

Today's Sale: $67.95

Reg: $75.00

Save: 10%

Summer Color Trio - 3 Water Lilies
Here are three of the most popular day bloomers at a special price.

Today's Sale: $64.95

Reg: $97.85

Save: 34%

Blue Ribbon Special - 5 Water Lilies
Tricker's Blue Ribbon goes to the following five tropical water lilies grown in our historic greenhouses.

Today's Sale: $112.80

Reg: $135.35

Save: 17%

Exotic Trio - Collection: 3 Pygmy Lilies
Enjoy these three pygmy lilies at a reduced price over the individual prices. You will receive three pygmy lilies: 'Patricia' pygmy water lily, 'Colorata' pygmy water lily, and 'St.

Today's Sale: $65.99

Reg: $74.00

Save: 11%

Red White and Blue Collection - 3 Tropical Water Lilies
Want a Red, White and Blue tropical color combination in your water garden? Get this perfect collection combination of tropical flowers at a cost effective price! You will receive Mrs.

Today's Sale: $72.99

Reg: $90.65

Save: 20%

Mottled Trio Leaf Collection - 3 Tropical Water Lilies
Mottled water lily pads are very attractive when grown with attractive blossoms.

Today's Sale: $64.25

Reg: $75.50

Save: 15%

Bouquet of Fragrance Collection - 3 Tropical Water Lilies
Tropical Water Lilies are known for their multitude of blooms and fragrance.

Today's Sale: $61.90

Reg: $81.95

Save: 25%

Moonlight Pair - 2 Water Lilies
A red and white combination of night blooming tropicals of delicate charm at a reduced price. The splendor of the moonlight intensifies their beauty and created this collection.

Today's Sale: $41.90

Reg: $49.25

Save: 15%

Night Blooming Duo Special
When the day blooming water lilies are closed in the late afternoon and night, the night blooming water lilies become a special addition to any pool.

$39.50 ea.