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Fish, Plant and Soil Protection Devices

These items can be used to protect your water garden pool.

Fish, Plant and Soil Protection Devices - Items

Spray Away
This simple device can be used around your water garden pool to protect against varmints up to 1900 square feet. Simply attach your garden hose and set in place.

Today's Sale: $74.80

Reg: $99.74

Save: 26%

Scarecrow Solar Action Owl
Scarecrow Solar Action Owl. Protect your fish from preditors. Life-like, hand painted,owl repels pesky birds and varmits while adding charm to your water garden pool. Realistic head movements powered by solar energy or wind.

Today's Sale: $39.99

Reg: $49.00

Save: 19%

Koi Kastle
Koi Kastle. A highly recommended natual protection for all fish from hawks, herons, etc. Just simply set this device on the bottom of your water garden pool. The fish will naturally go into and hide in this protection.
Soil and Plant Protector from Fish
Fish Plant Protector: For those troublesome fish that love to eat your plants and root up the soil in the planting containers.