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Floating Aquatic Plants

Some of the finest aquatics will grow and bloom merely Floating on the water surface, deriving nourishment from the air and water. Fish often find refuge in floating aquatics. In nature they drift to shallow water where the roots soon anchor and growth is very rapid.
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All floating plants are harvested FRESH from our historic nursery. The proven quality of these lilies is beyond compare and Tricker's GUARANTEES it!

Floating Aquatic Plants - Items

Water Sensitivity Plant
Water Sensitivity Plant. This plant, when touched, is shy and will close it's leaves similar to the mimosa plant. It has a wonderful flotation system of bulbous material it uses to spread across the water... click here to read more
Neptune's Crown - Floating Plant
Neptune's Crown. A wonderful floating plant that will grow across your water garden pool... click here to read more
Azolla. Very small floating plant, often called fairy moss, with tiny scale-shaped leaves. It provides a thick lacy velvet carpet of floating bluish-green or, in the autumn a brilliant crimson congested foliage that is very beautiful... click here to read more
Botswana Wonder
Botswana Wonder (Aeschynomene fluitans). A most impressive aquatic plant that will grow along the surface of the water and produces a bright yellow pea-like flower... click here to read more

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Floating Leaf Flower
Floating Leaf Flower. Interesting floating plant that produces a beautiful red-green coloration. The small floating leaves appear as clay roofing tiles with reddish margins. Very attractive small flowers are produced on this unusual floating plant... click here to read more
Floating Fern
Floating Fern. A fern floating on the surface of the water with a dense rosette of leaves. The leaves have a wavy margin and are egg-shaped to triangular and can have 3 to 5 lobes... click here to read more
Water Hyacinth
Water Hyacinth has shiny dark green leaves, the stems are expanded into pseudo bulbs, which serves as air chambers. Propagation is by means of runners at the surface and has long, bushy roots which are excellent for the receiving spawn of goldfish... click here to read more
Salvinia. These floating plants are annuals, generally a pale green color with slender stems bearing rather broad two ranked leaves and are covered with fine silky hairs which make them soft to touch. Make an attractive look to any water garden pool... click here to read more
Water Lettuce
Water Lettuce or Shell Flower is a floating plant with shell-like rosettes of pulpy and hairy leaves that are spirally arranged around the axis. The long white feathery rootlets dangle in the water. Excellent for spawning fish... click here to read more
Variegated Water Lettuce
Variegated Water Lettuce is a most unusual plant that resembles the water lettuce but has streaks of creamy yellow in the leaves and the leaves are more erratic. Variegation stronger in subdued light... click here to read more
Ruffled Water Lettuce
Ruffled Water Lettuce A variety of water lettuce that is extremely attractive with "ruffled" foliage. Has a variation of color in the leaves. Makes a wonderful floating display in your water garden pool. Also, will help keep the water pure.
X Large Salvinia
X-Large Salvinia. The X-Large Salvinia is a very interesting plant which floats on the surface of the water and is larger in size than the Salvinia. It has dainty "roots" that dangle into the water which are excellent for spawning of fish... click here to read more
Duckweed. Very small, perennial green plants with simple plant bodies. Among the floating plants, Duckweed is probably the best for your goldfish or koi as food... click here to read more
Lucky Floating Buddha
Lucky Floating Buddha is a wonderful floating aquatic plant that will be admired in any water garden pool or aquarium. The striped green leaves rest on the surface of the water and the bulb material keeps the plant floating... click here to read more