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Water Fountains and Displays

Water features are meant to last and become heirlooms! The black and white photograph shows a water garden pool from William Tricker's 1925 mail order catalog. An admirable and permanent water garden pool! Note the concrete water garden with statue and a beautiful surrounding garden area. Make your water garden pool as beautiful!

Moving water from your outdoor water feature will be enjoyed by all splashing ... dancing cascading reaching up into the air.

Water fountains have held a special place in history. As a part of the first water transit systems, water features served communities as water cascaded downhill, over steps and into the catch basin. Decorative water fountains were then used for the flow of water. Distinguished architectural gardens and public spaces generally include an outdoor fountain features.

Your yard will convert from just a yard into an oasis of dynamic beauty.

The Brass Baron spitting brass statues will become heirlooms in your water garden pool. Crafted with the lost-wax method, there are no mold seams. They are solid brass and will not fade, crack or chip. Most standard sizes have a 3/8 inch barbed attachment for tubing and pump.

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