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William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
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Tricker 1920's Gloriosa Water Lily

1920's Wm Tricker, Inc.® Gloriosa

On the left is an advertising page by William Tricker, Inc. displayed in a magazine in 1928. In the center is the "glorious red colored" hardy water lily Gloriosa.

On the right is Gloriosa as displayed on the front cover of our 1926 Catalog.
This is the variety of Gloriosa that you will receive from William Tricker, Inc.®

Please take the time to read the actual description of Tricker's variety of Gloriosa from Tricker's 1926 Catalog, and was offered in 1926 for $ 5.00 each:

Gloriosa. This remarkable red Nymphaea has given such universal satisfaction that we recommend it as the nucleus of every collection. It is thoroughly at home in tub, a pool, or a lake, and will thrive under extreme conditions. The fragrant floating blossoms are often 6 to 7 inches across, in perfect form, and rather double. The color deepens on successive days and the bright carmine of spring-time becomes dark currant-red later in the season. The excellent qualities persist in the cut flowers which continue to open for about five days when floated in a bowl. This attractive feature of Waterlilies is often overlooked, though cutting the blooms stimulates their production just as does in the case of many other plants. While it is customary to regard catalogue descriptions as unduly optimistic, we assure you that it is unnecessary for us to exaggerate the good points of Gloriosa. It is a Lily, according to many customers, "blooms and blooms and is just lovely".

Now that you read about Tricker's Gloriosa that has been propagated for decades, you now see why many of our cost savings collections offer this remarkable water lily for decades and for decades Tricker's customers have been receiving the finest of water lilies.
See below for more information about these beautiful Gloriosa water lilies.
©William Tricker, Inc.®, Independence, Ohio.

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Gloriosa - Hardy Water Lily
The 'Gloriosa' Hardy Water Lily is one of the biggest sellers among the hardy water lilies. [READ about Tricker's Gloriosa in the 1920s CLICK HERE] The famous M. read more...

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