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Green, Autumn and Peach Tropical Water Lilies

Many pure Very unusual flower colors can be found in these special hybrids. Enjoy these exciting beautiful hybrids in your water garden this year!
After selecting your water lilies do not forget the Special Planting Crates (tap here) and Tricker's proven Aquatic Fertilizer (tap here) to achieve the descriptive flowers and BEST growth!

Green, Autumn and Peach Tropical Water Lilies Selections

'Green Smoke' was developed by Martin Randig in 1965 which is a very unusual hybrid color. Petals are chartreuse half-way up and then shade to a light blue. Leaves are green, bronze speckled and with a wavy margin. read more...

$25.50 ea.

Peach Blow
A rare hybrid of George Pring introduced in 1941. For the first time in decades this age old variety is now available on line. The multiple pink petals are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. read more...

Reg: $46.90

Today's Sale: $35.90

Save: 24%

Golden West Tropical Water Lily
Golden West. The blossoms of this 1936 Martin Randig hybrid are large, peach-pink with golden stamens, and deliciously fragrant. Leaves are green, speckled with maroon. A most unusual and attractive water lily that is a great bloomer. read more...

$27.25 ea.

Albert Greenburg. A most unique water lily and in a class of its own. This most unusual water lily has blossoms that will stand out in any water garden pool. Produces rosy-yellow blossoms that include hues of pink, orange, and yellow. read more...

$25.75 ea.

Afterglow - Tropical Water Lily
Afterglow. The aromatic blossoms of this 1946 Martin Randig hybrid are combinations of colors, deep pink, light orange and yellow. Leaves are a deep green with pink undertone. It is a good grower and can be adapted to small or large pools.

$25.99 ea.

Enchantment - Water Lily
'Enchantment' is a 1963 hybrid by famous Martin Randig of California. The aromatic blossoms are deep salmon rose colored with a delightful fragrance. Leaves are oval and slightly speckled. read more...

$22.50 ea.

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