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William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
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Exotic Hardy Lotus

Do not forget to use the BEST fertilizer to get the BEST blooms! Tap here.
Grow a Tricker hardy LOTUS today and enjoy a world that has been enjoyed by thousands of satisfied Tricker customers!
Tricker's planting directions are sent with each lotus tuber. Please follow them closely. Lotus typically needs a lot of room to grow to bloom. Tricker's Large and Medium Planting Tubs are perfect for growing lotus! They provide the ample room necessary to grow and bloom. It is highly recommended to use the Large Planting Tub for best results. These planting tubs are proven to allow the lotus to prosper and bloom!

Exotic Hardy Lotus Selections

Egyptian Lotus
'Egyptian Lotus' is the resembling flower of the Egyptians and possesses a strange haunting fragrance. The blossoms change from a vivid rose color to an attractive pink with age. read more...

Reg: $39.95

Today's Sale: $35.75

Save: 11%

Bellagio - Tricker Hardy Lotus Hybrid
Bellagio Lotus is a Tricker hybrid that has proven to be an excellent grower and bloomer. The large double flowers open a pink-red and as it ages on successive days will add white coloration, thus changing in color. read more...

$49.99 ea.

Mrs. Perry Slocum - Hardy Lotus
Mrs. Perry Slocum Lotus. Richard Lee, President of William Tricker, Inc claims that Mrs. Perry Slocum Lotus is "Perhaps one of the best lotus produced by famous hybridizer the late Perry Slocum." Our Tricker lotus "Mrs. read more...

Reg: $63.00

Today's Sale: $59.99

Save: 5%

Asiatic Lotus
Asiatic Lotus is a splendid pure white lotus of gorgeous beauty. The flower is fine, pure white and of large size and delicate fragrance. The leaves are large and pea green in color. One of our very best white flowered lotus. read more...

Reg: $43.50

Today's Sale: $37.25

Save: 15%

Shiroman - Hardy Lotus
Shiroman Lotus is a wonderful Japanese selection with large fragrant, double, creamy-white flowers that become pure white with age. A fast growing variety. A true beauty!

Reg: $40.99

Today's Sale: $36.25

Save: 12%

American Lotus
American Lotus has flowers four to ten inches in diameter and are of a uniform shade of pale sulpher yellow. They are easily cultivated and hardy. The large fleshy roots resemble the sweet potato and were eaten by the North American Indian.

Reg: $43.50

Today's Sale: $39.99

Save: 9%

Empress - Hardy Lotus
Empress. This variety bears pure white flowers, with the edges of the petals striped and tipped with red. It is a vigorous grower and the blooms, which last well when cut, are fragrant.

Reg: $43.10

Today's Sale: $38.20

Save: 12%

New Red Lotus
New Red Lotus. This magnificent lotus is a rich purplish-red that has great blooming potential. The lotus will add a beautiful color to your water garden.

Reg: $53.25

Today's Sale: $48.99

Save: 8%

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