Tricker's is a family-run store. We are sorry to say that the aquatic store (live plants and animals) is currently closed due to family illness.
We hope to be offerring live plants, fish, tadpoles, etc. about mid-July.

Current orders are shipping ASAP.

We ARE accepting orders for & shipping hardgoods such as
fish food, medications, pumps, fountains, statues, planters, etc.

Call 1-855-222-1001 to inquire about or place an order for those products.
Or place your order for them online.

If you need a referral for aquatic plants, please check Lily Pons at

We look forward to serving your aquatic needs very soon!

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Economical Hardy and Tropical Lily Collections

These popular collections have BOTH tropical and hardy water lilies at a special price. The BEST of both worlds! The lilies are all HYBRIDS that produce wonderful blooms and grow fast!

SAVE MONEY with Special Tricker Hybrid water lilies that have adorned water gardens for decades!
Click on EACH cost SAVINGS IMAGE and see SPECIAL collections at reduced costs that have adorned Tricker customer's Water Garden Pools for DECADES!
Do not forget to plant them correctly and fertilize with the aquatic fertilizer. Click here to read about planting and care! And, if you need planting crates Click here.

Economical Hardy and Tropical Lily Collections - Items

Exquisite Mixed Duet - 2 Lilies
A collection of two very exquisitely colored water lilies, one hardy and one tropical. A pair that is a must in every exquisite water garden... click here to read more
Pastel Shades of Beauty - 3 Lilies
A lovely quiet pastel array of carefully selected hardy and tropical water lilies. Their beauty will bring relaxation and tranquility so often sought in water gardening... click here to read more
24 Hours of Blooms - 3 Lilies
An unusual cost savings collection which will provide delightful blooms practically every hour of the day, hence its name. Come home from work and witness the continual blooms found in your special water garden... click here to read more
Gems of Color - 3 Water Lilies
These three lilies are indeed the color of gems at a reduced cost over individual prices. This is color combination every jeweler will admire... click here to read more
Thrift Trio - 3 Lilies
In our plant offering a lot for a little money, we know of no finer combination than this which gives you 24 hours of blooms at a special thrify price... click here to read more
24 Hours Day and Night Duo + Free Night Blooming Water Lily
This collection is a special sale that is offered periodically on Tricker's Web Site. If you want to be notified when this sale goes on, please email that you want to be notified. Thanks! Click HERE to email... click here to read more
New York-New Jersey Quartet - 4 Lilies
The beginning of water lily culture in the United States in the early 1890s by William Tricker in the states of New York and New Jersey are honored in this superb cost savings collection... click here to read more
Rainbow Collection - 5 Water Lilies
These five fine varieties will make a gorgeous rainbow garden of water lilies at a special price over individual prices... click here to read more
Grande Collection - 7 Lilies
Grande Collection - 7 Water Lilies. A majestic economical combination of hardy and tropical water lilies that show extraordinary beauty... click here to read more