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Hardy Shallow Water and Bog Plants

Natural ponds have a profusion of flags, rushes, reeds and small flowering plants which delight the eye. Your pool will be more attractive and much more naturalistic when planted with clumps of these ornamental plants. There are hardy and tropical plants, each having their own desirable traits.
Hardy Shallow Water and Bog Plants typically are considered perennials and will show their beauty year after year. Make sure to select a mixture of these wonderful plants with the tropical bog plants.

Hardy Shallow Water and Bog Plants - Items

Giant Arrowhead
The Giant Arrowhead is mostly aquatic yet can be found at your pond edges in shallow water and in wetlands.
Double Arrowhead
Double Arrowhead is a plant like the 'Giant Arrowhead' in foliage but one that develops a spike of beautiful double, petaled pure-white flowers. Grows well as a bog plant.
Cardinal Flower - True Aquatic
Cardinal Flower. The true native aquatic Lobelia cardinalis or "Cardinal Flower" so often mistaken by the multitude of generic "Cardinal Flowers" that can be purchased in commercial nurseries... click here to read more
Yellow Water Iris - True Aquatic
Yellow Iris is the original of the famous French royal emble, the Fleur-de-lis. It grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet, the flowers being a bright yellow and the leaves broad and sword-like... click here to read more
Rainbow Water Celery
Rainbow Water Celery is a most unusual aquatic plant. A wonderful and colorful plant that produces serrated leaves of cream, green and pink. In the summer the plant produces white carrot flower umbels... click here to read more
Blue Iris - True Aquatic
Blue Iris. This native American blue iris (Iris versicolor) is often considered the counterpart to the yellow iris. It grows about 2 feet high and has attractive blue flowers... click here to read more
Lizard's Tail
Lizard's Tail (Saururus cernuus) A native plant with small fragrant flowers that are produced at the end of the plant resemble a lizards tail, thus alluding to its name... click here to read more
Water Cress
Water Cress has dark green leaves and small white flowers can form a pleasing contrast to the more feathery submerged oxygenating plants. Thrives especially well at edge of running water. Used in salads or as a garnish... click here to read more
Water Forget-Me-Not
Water Forget-Me-Not or Myosotis scorpiodes. Everyone is familiar with the popular bedding forget-me-not so frequently seen in parks and terrestrial gardens, but often are not aware of its cousin the true water garden species of Water Forget-Me-Not... click here to read more
Horsetail. Give your water garden an exotic bamboo look that lasts year after year. Easier to grow than the tropical bamboo but just as unique... click here to read more
Dwarf Sweet Flag
Dwarf Sweet Flag (Acorus gramineaus variegatus). A "dwarfer" and much more slender-growing species than the common Sweet Flag, forming compact grassy tufts, 8 to 12 inches high. It should be grown in very shallow water or at the pond edge.
Wild Rice
Wild Rice. A very desirable aquatic grass, being one of the most attractive plants for pond size decoration. It can grow 8 to 9 feet high, with broad, flat leaves and reedy stems. The grain produced is excellent for fish and water fowl... click here to read more
Marsh Marigold
Marsh Marigold (Caltha pulustris). A beautiful native hardy plant which is almost the earliest to flower in the water garden, producing rich golden flowers in wild profusion... click here to read more
Common Sweet Flag
Grows 2 to 3 feet leaf blades, similar to an iris. This plant was once used for flavoring candles. When any part of the plant is cut or bruised, a spicy sweet citrus scent is released. An outstanding foliage plant perfect for any size water garden... click here to read more
Variegated Sweet Flag
The cousin to the sweet flag but variegated. Grows 2 to 3 feet high and has similar blades to the iris. When any part of the plant is crushed, cut or bruised it will emit a spicy sweet citrus scent... click here to read more
Spike Rush
A grass-like aquatic plant that grows in wonderful green clumps with attractive brown flower tops. Easy to grow and adds a dash of color to your water garden pool. Grows to about one foot tall.
Variegated Glyceria
An easy to grow water side plant with striking vegetation. Has a light-moderate green leaves with white stripes. Reaches a height of about 2 feet.
Dwarf Bamboo
Bamboo's typically like well drained soil, however this hardy bamboo-like bog plant will add a wonderful bamboo look to your water garden. Deep green foliage with attractive tops. They grow to about 2 feet... click here to read more
American Water Plantain
The broad leaves are coarsely veined. Pinkish or white flowers are at the ends of stiff stems rising above the leaves... click here to read more
Graceful Cat-Tail
These cattails possess an air of grace and dignity not encountered in any other genus of hardy aquatics. A slender plant, 2 to 4 feet, that finishes a very fine background in a massed planting.
Common Cat-Tail
One of the favorite native swamp plants tall foliage and with large brown "cattails". Makes a true attractive site in the pool especially during a gentle summer breeze. Known to be excellent as water clearifiers.
Dwarf Catkin Cat-Tail
A Tricker Favorite! Grows 3 to 4 feet tall with light brown, almost egg shaped catkins (flowering tops). Adds movement to your garden with every passing breeze.
Variegated Cat-Tail
A colorful variation of the common tail. Distinctly striped light green and white leaves. Grows 4 to 5 feet tall and is extremely hardy. A perfect accent or background plant for any water garden.
Pickerel Rush
Considered by many to be the finest blue-flowered hardy aquatic in cultivation. This strong-growing plant attains 1 to 2 feet height, producing smooth, shiny olive green leaves... click here to read more
Sagittaria spp.
Sagittaria. A very easy to grow marginal plant with pure white flowers and contrasting green leaves. Grows to 24" tall. Easy to grow and survives harsh winters.
Hardy Thalia
A handsome marginal plant with tall greyish leaves some 5 feet high, and arching sprays of small purplish flowers which makes it a distinctive and unusual plant for the pool... click here to read more
Arrow Arum
A handsome sub-aquatic plant for shallow water at the edge of the pond. It produces glossy, arrowhead-shaped leaves, that are very fleshy. The flower mass and fruits are greenish.
A perennial aquatic with creeping root stalks in shallow water. Its fragrant white flowers are borne on stout stalks, fringed and suffused with pink. One of the first to bloom in the spring. A true harbinger of spring... click here to read more
Water Pennywort
Add some lucky pennies to your water garden! Round penny shaped leaves balanced perfectly on a stem extending from 4 to 12 inches above the water. Showy fast growing foliage plant. The plant bears numerous small white flowers... click here to read more
Variegated Four Leaf Clover
A charming addition for every water garden, bringing the luck of the whimsical leprechaun. Lightly variegated with shades of green, the leaves float quietly on the water surface... click here to read more
Water Hawthorn
Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyus). A most admirable plant that is known for its long blooming characteristics, and has been known in some locations to be still blooming at Christmas... click here to read more
Zebra Rush
Produces white horizontal stripes on a beautiful green stem, hence the name. Tricker's propagation and growing techniques provide this plant with prominent stripes that make your water garden pool very attractive... click here to read more
Hardy Calla
Hardy Calla (Calla palustris). An attractive little native plant that bears many small, shiny, heart-shaped leaves one year, and two leaves and a small white arum-like flower the next. This is followed in autumn by a globular cluster of red berries... click here to read more
Sweet Galingale
Sweet Galingale is a tall and vigorous growing hardy evergreen plant that produces green grass-like foliage and attractive spikelets that turn reddish brown in the fall. Grows to about 4-5 feet tall... click here to read more