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Economical Hardy Water Lily Collections

Beautiful, delicate and colorful...Tricker's Hardy Water Lilies provide garden beauty year after year. All varieties are FRESHLY harvested at our aquatic historic nursery. Select a variety that has adorned water gardens for decades!
The photograph is one of Tricker's propagating ponds! It has hardy water lilies that survive winters under sub zero weather...these should be your choice!
After selecting your water lilies do not forget the Special Planting Crates (tap here) and Tricker's proven Aquatic Fertilizer (tap here) to achieve the descriptive flowers and BEST growth!
Please NOTE: Unfortunately there are many "versions" of some of the popular water liliy names found in the industry (if you have not read about water lilies please do: TAP HERE). Tricker's selected hybrids have adorned water gardens for decades. Tricker customers expect and receive the BEST, our history proves that! Enjoy this season as thousands of Tricker customers have over the decades!

Economical Hardy Water Lily Collections - Items

Thrift Duet - 2 Hardy Lilies
The only thing we skimp on for this thrift collection is the price... click here to read more
Ohio State University Duet - 2 Hardy Lilies
As you grow these two hardy water lilies make sure they are at the opposite end of your tropical water lily collection "University of Michigan". The best growth determines who will go to a Bowl game... click here to read more
Dainty Duo Collection: Aurora and Yellow Pygmy
An economical collection that includes two of the most popular hardy pygmy water lilies Aurora and Yellow Pygmy. This duo of hardy pygmy water lilies adds a wonderful color combination and marvelous look to any water garden pool... click here to read more
Tricker's Duet - 2 Hardy Lilies
Tricker's Duet. Two of the most desirable hardy water lilies for the tub garden or small pool at a reduced price over individual prices. Both varieties are free blooming and compliment each other to perfection... click here to read more
Crown Jewel Collection - 3 Hardy Lilies
This cost savings collection will sparkle in your water garden with the beautiful colors of rare jewels... click here to read more
Masterpiece Trio - 3 Hardy Lilies
The perfection of these three hardy water lilies is far from comparison. A real showplace in your exquisite water garden... click here to read more
Quality Trio - 3 Hardy Lilies
In lilies, as in other flowers, there are distict characteristics of color, form, and shading which make some flowers more highly prized than others... click here to read more
Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac Memorial - 4 Hardy Lilies
Our tribute to M. Marliac, considered by many authorities to have been the only person to master hybridizing hardy water lilies. We take great pleasure in offering some of his greatest works in this collection that have ALL received awards... click here to read more
Symphony of Colors - 4 Hardy Water Lilies
The composition of this cost savings collection will have the harmony of a symphony. Its splendid colors will be admired by all... click here to read more
Gorgeous Garden Collection - 5 Hardy Lilies
This cost savings collection is composed of five beautiful hardy water lilies. Together they make a gorgeous show in the rainbow of colors... click here to read more