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Live Aquarium Plants

View this video and see the fish swimming through a few popular selected oxygenating plants. You have to agree that they are "happy" fish. You aquarium will never have it so Good! Remember, oxygenating plants help purify the water and can absorb ammonia from the water!

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Live Aquarium Plants - Items

FREE Live Aquarium Plant
FREE LIVE AQUARIUM PLANT. All aquariums should have live plants. With every aquarium plant ordered from our aquarium on line store up to $ 25.00, Trickers will include a FREE live aquarium plant AND over $ 25... click here to read more

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Anacharis - Best Oxygenating Plant
Anacharis is one of the finest oxygenating plants for ponds and aquariums. It forms a dense mass of foliage invaluable for goldfish spawning and shelter for small fry. Throughout your growing season, it reproduction rapidly and is easy to grow.
Water Sprite
Pond Water Sprite is a true water fern and a very attractive plant. The blades of the leaves are deeply incised, which are green and flat. Survives in deeply shaded places as well as direct sunlight... click here to read more
Jungle Vallisneria - Oxygenating Plant
The Jungle Vallisneria is a native, perennial excellent oxygenator that is much larger and has wider leaves than Vallisneria spiralis. The leaves can grow to around 2 feet in length.
Video 5 Oxygenating Plants Collection
Video 5 Oxygenating Plant Collection. Here is a collection of 5 Oxygenating Plants that are shown in our Tricker Video If you did not view the video click on product and read more... click here to read more

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Ludwigia - Oxygenating Plant
Ludwigia. A creeping aquatic or semi-aquatic plant often planted in wet soil at the pond margin to disguise the edges. Very attractive broad shaped leaves. Also makes a excellent aquarium plant.
Vallisneria - Oxygenating Plant
Vallisneria . This attractive spiral leaved Vallisneria is also known as Vallisneria spiralis and has grassy foilage with tiny white flowers and can be considered to be one of the best submerged oxygenating plants of all... click here to read more
Green Hygrophila - Oxygenating Plant
Green Hygrophila. This oxygenating plant has erect or creeping shoots with attractive submerged light green narrow leaves. It will grow well in any depth of your water garden. Grows in a variety of aquarium depths too.
Moneywort - Oxygenating Plant
Moneywort. A well known plant, useful for carpeting effects of the water side in a pond or the attractive "mouse ear-like" leaves that show a wonderful display in an aquarium; the small rounded leaves grow in opposite pairs... click here to read more
Red Hygrophila - Oxygenating Plant
Red Hygrophila. A most unusual red variety that is very attractive in your water garden due to its striking red color. Most unusual site in any water garden pool or very attractive in an aquarium!
Sagittaria - Oxygenating Plant
Sagittaria. A short rosette-like dark green plant which propagates by producing runners. A strong growing plant. At home in any water garden pool or aquarium.
Red Rotala
Red Rotala is a wonderful addition to all aquariums. It has thickly-stacked leaf clusters that have green and red coloration that stands out in all aquariums and water garden pools. Grows well in shade or full sun.
Water Wisteria
Water Wisteria. This plant can adapt to low light conditions and still grow fast and gorgeously. Makes a great space filler and has a beautiful white color on the under sides of the leaves... click here to read more
Joshua Plant
Joshua Plant has beautiful sturdy light green leaves. If allowed to emerge from the water makes delicate light lavender flowers. Easy grower and adds a wonderful touch to the water garden pool or aquarium. Native to the Southern United States.
Baby Tears
Baby Tears is a wonderful aquatic plant that comes directly from our aquatic nursery. It has small round leaves and makes an excellent plant for fresh water aquariums. Also makes an excellent border plant for water garden pools.
Bacopa. Also known as the "Blue Water Hyssop" and is an easy to grow aquatic plant that produces beautiful blue flowers as it emerges out of the water... click here to read more
Cabomba - Oxygenating Plant
Cobomba. A lovely submerged aquatic plant with bright green coarsely cut fan-shaped leaves which are a delight for browsing fish. Makes an attractive swaying of leaves in water. Also known as "Fanwort"... click here to read more
Brazilian Pennywort
These plants have the look of the pond pennywort but are completely submerged and extremely attractive with water movement. Have "penny-like" leaves.
Aponogeton Boivinianus
A solitary plant with long, wide heavily ribbed green leaves and is somewhat transparent. It originated in Madagascar. Desires a temperature of approximately 70-82 degrees F. Grows to a height of around 20 inches.

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Aponogeton Crispus
Aponogeton Crispus. A solitary plant with narrow leaves on stalks which are wavy or crispate on the edges. Very attractive. Origin is from Sri Lanka. Water temperature around 71 to 82 degrees F. Grows to a height of about 20 inches.
A slender, delicate plant with attractive flat upright round leaves. Shows very attractive in any aquariums. Origin in Japan, China, and Korea. Water temperature around 70-80 degrees F and can grow to about 16 inches.
Corkscrew Vallisneria
This vallisneria has twisted leaves that gives it a most attractive appearance. Grows rapidly.
Borneo Fern
A gorgeous,dark green, fern-looking plant. Easy to grow and does well in all freshwater aquariums.
Samolus. This aquatic plant is a member of the Primrose family. The plant forms a rosette of light green, ovate leaves tapering at the base into a very small petiole. The leaves are smooth with discernible viens... click here to read more
Java Fern
Java Fern. The plant is considered one of the most beautiful aquatic plants with attractive green flowing leaves. Grows well in good light as well as subdued light. Originates from India, southern China and Indo-Malayan area.
Lead Weights for Aquarium Plants
Lead Weights for Aquarium Plants. These lead weights (approximately 1/4 inch by 3 inches, 1/16 inch thick) are easily bent around the base of live plants and will allow them to sink to the bottom of the aquarium water.

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