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About Tricker's Lotus

Lotus (Nelumbo spp.): The lotus have been one of the most unusual of all aquatic plants to adorn the water garden pool and you should not let a single season go by without a magnificent plant such as this in your water garden pool. Failure is not an option with Tricker's lotus and we guarantee this!
Grown at Tricker's: All our lotus are grown at Tricker's aquatic nursery and thus you will receive a lotus tuber directly from our aquatic nursery to you. Because of our growing techniques, Tricker's can supply lotus tubers late in the year. At our nursery for pick up we have a limited supply of lotus potted plants later in the Spring/Summer. Our techniques in providing lotus have been developed over decades to make sure you do not fail in your endeavor. Tricker's lotus are extremely hardy and can be enjoyed throughout the United States yearly. For example, our attractive Bellagio Lotus is an extremely hardy lotus that can winter. under ice during cold winters, and is an aggressive grower in the summer months across the United States! Bellagio Lotus makes spectacular wintering tubers for return in the summer months!
The following will describe one of the most amazing of the plant Kingdom that anyone can grow in a water garden pool.
Aroma of the Blossoms: At Tricker's nursery we have tried to describe the aroma of the lotus blossom, but with little success since no one can agree as to the perfume description. During tours of Tricker's historic nursery we often ask the participants to smell and describe the aroma of the Lotus blossom, and again no agreement. So, the permeating aroma of the lotus blossom remains under the spell of the person that experiences it, thus the expression "haunting" or mystical smell of the lotus.
Lotus Leaf Amazement: If you place a drop of water on the lotus leaf or observe the leaf during rain, the water will pool into a large single drop and run off, similar to mercury. Researchers are using this trait to apply to miniature heart valves.
Fertilizer and Planting Containers: Since lotus are aggressive growers they require a solid base of growing media and require full sun during the day. A good topsoil with clay and our aquatic fertilizer such as our Praefecta is the best. If your soil is void of clay, then our AMT is recommended. Once the lotus begins the spectacular growth, it must be supplemented with additional fertilizer in the form of a pellet such as our Trico Fertilizer pellets. The use of the lattice sided planting crates are highly recommended, shown in the photograph. These crates are large enough for topsoil but also allow the roots to penetrate (see white arrows in photograph) into the water garden pool for additional nutrients, especially if you have fish.

Lotus on a wheel barrow to show the roots emerging through the crate that penetrate into the water for extra nourishment! Lotus like this!

When to transplant or order the Lotus in your Water Garden Pool?: With Tricker's lotus growing techniques, lotus tubers can be purchased and sent at any time of the year. However, consideration as to the environment that the lotus is to grow is of upmost importance. Typically late July is the latest to plant the lotus in the Northern States if you want to winter the lotus. Tricker's has a State shipping schedule, based upon experience, as to when the earliest the lotus should be planted in an outside water garden pool. When you place an order, we will ship according to the schedule and with consideration of your other ordered plants. We also send planting instructions that will ensure success, follow them closely.

Lotus on a wheel barrow to show the roots emerging through the crate that penetrate into the water for extra nourishment! Lotus like this!

How to winter the Lotus: Since the lotus is an excellent wintering aquatic plant, the main caution you must make is to ensure that the lotus tubers that formed in late fall are not frozen in the winter. Only if your area experiences extreme freezing in the water garden pool, the lotus container should be re-located in a basement and kept moist and returned in the early Spring when ice formation is over. If you winter hardy lilies in your water garden pool, then the lotus should also be safe to winter.

Books: Read about the lotus and planting techniques in our books. Then sit back , relax and enjoy the special treat of having a lotus growing in your water garden pool.