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1915 Tricker Catalog - Panama Pacific and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson

1915 Wm. Tricker, Inc. Front Catalog Cover and a Bowl full of WATER LILY flowers!

Historic Water Lilies: Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Panama Pacific, Mrs Edwards Whitaker, and Alice Tricker

The image shows the FRONT cover of William Tricker's catalog for 1915! The two left blossoms are Mrs. Woodrow Wilson and the blossom on the right is Panama Pacific.
William Tricker proudly shows both of his hybrids on the cover of his 1915 catalog. They are water colored renditions, that attempted to show these special water lilies when recently introduced. Even today, both water lilies are hard to photograph for true color. If you have ever seen the flowers of Panama Pacific, then you would know it is difficult to describe and also find that it is difficult to capture its true beauty in a photograph. Read below William Tricker's 1915 is truly a "distinct" flower color that stands true TODAY!

Please take the time to read the actual description of Tricker's 1915 Catalog, and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson was offered for $ 5.00 and Panama Pacific for $ 10.00 each:

Mrs. Woodrow Wilson Water Lily. A hybrid of Daubenyana. A strong and vigorous grower, of free and continuous-blooming habit, and excellent for winter blooming in the conservatory. The flower is of lovely shade of light blue, stamens yellow, tipped blue. This variety was awarded a Silver Medal by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society, November 3, 1914; also certificated by the Horticultural Societies of New York, Lake Geneva, Wis., and Chicago, Ill. (See illustration front cover).

Panama-Pacific Water Lily. A new, ever blooming, viviparous variety, and one of the most desirable of the late introductions. A strong grower and free-flowering. The buds are bronzy-green, marked and spotted reddish-brown; on opening the petals are a rich, deep rosy-red, very pronounced when in full sun; the same color is diffused on the overlapping sepals. When fully opened, the flower is a rich reddish-purple, with yellow stamens, a unique and distinct color in Water-Lilies. Will bloom freely in the conservatory during the winter. (see illustration front cover).

Panama-Pacific Water Lily water lily as it was shown on the back cover of our Tricker 1928 Catalog. Note the artist attempting to capture the variety of colors being in the flower petals, and the bud is also shown to reveal additional beauty. If you grow Tricker's variety of Panama-Pacific you will truly witness this array of special glowing flower colors. And, being a prolific blooming water lily you are assured of many wonderful color displays in your water garden pool all summer!

Bowl full of Water Lily Flowers as shown in Tricker's 1925 Catalog back cover: For decades it was in vogue to bring in cut water lily flowers and float them in a special bowl with water on a table. Not only did they bring a wonderful site to the home, but also brought a strong, pleasant fragrance of the tropical water lilies that would permeate throughout. Our book, 1101 Water Gardening Questions and Answers describes how to keep the cut water lily flowers open at night for enjoyment in the water lily bowl of flowers.

Note that the water garden pool came be seen through the window! Total beauty in the home!

The selection of water lilies for this 1925: Panama-Pacific (reddish purple) and Mrs. Edwards Whitaker (lavender-blue), and Alice Tricker (white).

Enjoy these spectacular water lilies from William Tricker, Inc. that has been sent to our customers for decades. Enjoy these water lilies, and isn't it time to have a bowl full of water lilies in your home?
As shown on this page, read about these special historic water lilies from Tricker's or better yet, order them for your water garden pool and receive the varieties that our customers still enjoy! See below to buy these wonderful water lilies to add to your water garden!

©William Tricker, Inc., Independence, Ohio.®

1915 Tricker Catalog - Panama Pacific and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson - Items

Alice Tricker - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
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Panama Pacific - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Panama Pacific' water lily is a William Tricker hybrid introduced at the 1914 Panama Pacific exposition in the United States. Blossoms are a brilliant wine red turned to reddish purple... click here to read more

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Reg: $33.50

Save: 15%

Mrs. Edwards Whitaker Tropical Water Lily
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Mrs Woodrow Wilson - Tricker Award Winning Water Lily Hybrid
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