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Pink Flowered Hardy Lilies

Tricker's has a wonderful assortment of Pink Flowered Hardy Water Lilies that are have endured many decades of beauty. Many are from the famous hybridizer M. Marliac, the French hybrizier that produced some of the most beautiful hybrids today and have never been matched! They can all withstand sub zero winters under ice and snow cover and are wonderful varieties that just grow and bloom profusely. In warm climates they just burst into bloom! Enjoy a hybrid that Tricker customers have been growing for decades!
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Pink Flowered Hardy Lilies - Items

Morning Glory - Tricker Hardy Water Lily Hybrid
Morning Glory. This exclusive hybrid was introduced in 1926 at our nurseries here in Independence, OH. The name is very appropriate as the blooms open early in the morning, and are undoubtedly of glorious size, color, and exquisite fragrance.

$25.50 ea.

Wanvisa - Hardy Water Lily
Wanvisa. A most unusual multipletaled deep pink-orange petaled flower that has streaks of yellow. Then, thoughout the year, the flower may show a most unusual yellow solid coloration in the petals (see image) contrasting with the pink-orange petals.

$29.50 ea.

Eugenia de Land
Eugenia de Land Water Lily. This age old water lily is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the class of pink hardy water lilies. Offered in Tricker’s 1916 catalog and became a favorite ever since. The water lily received a Silver Metal in 1912.

Today's Sale: $39.99

Reg: $46.00

Save: 14%

Marliac Rose - Hardy Water Lily
Marliac Rose. Also was known as 'Marliacea rosea'. This 1887 Marliac hybrid was given the Award of Merit by the Royal Horticulture Society.

Today's Sale: $24.50

Reg: $28.50

Save: 15%

Marliac Flesh - Hardy Water Lily
Marliac Flesh. The world famous French hardy water lily hybridizer known as M. Marliac's introduced this water lily in 1887 and is perhaps one of his greatest productions, known also as 'Marliac carnea'.

$25.75 ea.

Arc-en-Ciel - Hardy Water Lily
Arc-en-Ciel. This is perhaps one of the most unusual hardy water lilies and is known for its rare lily pads, having blotches of bronze, white, rose, and purple scattered on the deep green pads. The name alone is French for "rainbow".

Today's Sale: $39.99

Reg: $63.00

Save: 37%

Firecrest - Tricker Hardy Water Lily Hybrid
Firecrest. A wonderful Tricker introduction by Robert Sawyer of William Tricker, Inc.® in 1928. The outer row of deep pink petals open widely, almost like the falls of an iris.

Today's Sale: $23.50

Reg: $29.50

Save: 21%

Mayla - Hardy Water Lily
Mayla Water Lily is a beautiful fuchsia pink flower with many petals with contrasting yellow center that gives a most attractive sight introduced in 1993 by Dr. Kirk Strawn. Makes a very large bloom that can be seen from a distant.

$24.99 ea.

Hollandia - Hardy Water Lily
Hollandia. A very beautiful addition to water gardening. A strong plant that has large double blossoms. A striking contrast against the dark green leaves. Flowers freely and is excellent for use as cut flowers.

$28.60 ea.

Rose Arey - Hardy Water Lily
Rose Arey. Helen Fowler, daughter of the famous water gardener and hybridizer W.B. Shaw of Shaw Gardens in Washington, D.C., produced this pink hybrid in 1913 and was given its name in honor of her cousin.

$28.50 ea.

Australia - Hardy Water Lily
Australia. This exclusive hybrid was introduced in 1990 at William Tricker, Inc.® and has been a favorite ever since. The genetic origin is from Australia and shows a distinct pink coloration with whitish petals that are very attractive.

Today's Sale: $39.99

Reg: $49.50

Save: 20%

Masaniello - Hardy Water Lily
Masaniello. A 1908 French Marliac hybrid with sweet scented blossoms and of deep rose color, dotted with carmine and become darker with age. They are peony shaped, held high above the surface and with sepals of white and with orange-yellow stamens.

$24.95 ea.

Pink Opal - Hardy Water Lily
Pink Opal. This 1915 American variety was developed by Helen Fowler, daughter of the famous water gardener and hybridizer W.B. Shaw of Shaw Gardens in Washington, D.C. Pink Opal has many good qualities.

Today's Sale: $29.99

Reg: $39.90

Save: 25%

Sumptuosa - Hardy Water Lily
Sumptuosa. This 1909 Marliac, famous world hybridizer, creation has flowers that are double, strawberry pink, cup shaped, and very fragrant. Color deepens toward the center, petals are wide and stamens are orange. A lily that is truly sumptuous.

$24.90 ea.

Lustrous - Hardy Water Lily
Lustrous. This is a William Tricker Hybrid introduced in 1922 under the leadership of Albert Buskirk. Blossoms are large, of satiny rose-pink shade, and cup-shaped. Sepals are brown underneath and a deep pink inside.

$24.95 ea.

Pink Sensation - Hardy Water Lily
Pink Sensation. The blossom is a rich pink and very fragrant. The blossoms are held above the water. Flowers generally remain open in the late afternoons long after those of the others have closed. Leaves are green with red coloring underneath.

$29.50 ea.