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Pink Tropical Water Lilies

Pink colors of water lilies show in a majestic beauty against the green pads in all water garden pools. Many of the pink water lily hybrids are from William Tricker, Inc. Enjoy these exciting beautiful hybrids in your water garden this year!
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Pink Tropical Water Lilies - Items

Independence - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Independence' water lily is a viviparous hybrid developed by famous hybridizer Robert Sawyer of William Tricker, Inc® and introduced in 1927 which was named after our city.

Today's Sale: $27.50

Reg: $30.95

Save: 12%

Peach Blow
A rare hybrid of George Pring introduced in 1941. For the first time in decades this age old variety is now available on line. The multiple pink petals are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Today's Sale: $35.90

Reg: $46.90

Save: 24%

Pink Sapphire - Tricker Hybrid
Pink Sapphire. A new hybrid of William Tricker, Inc. introduced in 2014. A most wonderful delicate pink blossom that is very compact. Produces aromatic flowers in abundance.

Today's Sale: $25.90

Reg: $36.90

Save: 30%

Pink Halo - Tricker Hybrid Water Lily
Tricker Water Lily Pink Halo. A 2012 introduction from Tricker's. Many times the beauty of the flower is the deciding choice in selecting a water lily and the beauty of the pads are often overlooked.

Today's Sale: $39.95

Reg: $59.95

Save: 34%

Cleveland - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Cleveland' waterlily was developed at William Tricker, Inc.® and named in honor of the city located close to our historic aquatic greenhouses in Independence, Ohio.

Today's Sale: $23.95

Reg: $25.90

Save: 8%

Mrs. Robert Sawyer - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Mrs. Robert Sawyer' waterlily was hybridized at William Tricker, Inc.® by Robert Sawyer in 1927 and is known as the FIRST pink tropical water lily of the viviparous type, all others at that time being blue.

$24.50 ea.

Mrs. C. W. Ward - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Mrs. C.W. Ward' waterlily was first produced by William Tricker in 1900 and has large blossoms with pointed rose pink petals, golden yellow stamens tipped with pink and are held as much as 15" above the surface.

Today's Sale: $23.90

Reg: $33.95

Save: 30%

General Pershing - Water Lily
General Pershing. Some gardeners insist that this is the finest hybrid water lily produced. It was produced by famous hybridizer George Pring of the Missouri Botanical Garden and introduced by William Tricker, Inc. in 1920.

Today's Sale: $23.65

Reg: $25.50

Save: 8%

Persian Lilac - Water Lily
Persian Lilac. Developed by famous hybridizer George Pring of the Missouri Botanical Garden in 1941. Blossoms of this hybrid have so many petals that they could almost be considered semi-double. The color is really more pink than violet.

$22.75 ea.

Pink Pearl - Water Lily
Pink Pearl. Produced by August Koch of Chicago fame, this hybrid has bright silver pink blossoms of medium size on long peduncles held high in the air.

Today's Sale: $22.50

Reg: $26.80

Save: 17%

Pink Star - Water Lily
Pink Star has soft pink fragrant blossoms which are held high above the water. The center is contrasted with a beautiful yellow. A true "star" in any water garden.
Pink Platter - Water Lily
Pink Platter. Here is one of the best and beautiful water lilies from the well known hybridizer George Pring of the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Pink Platter is considered one of his finest hybrids.

$24.50 ea.

Enchantment - Water Lily
'Enchantment' is a 1963 hybrid by famous Martin Randig of California. The aromatic blossoms are deep salmon rose colored with a delightful fragrance. Leaves are oval and slightly speckled.

$22.50 ea.

Castaliflora is a 1913 George Pring of the Missouri Botanical Garden hybrid that has flowers of light pink. Stamens are yellow with pink anthers. Leaves are green above and shaded pink below.

$25.00 ea.

Rose Marie - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Rose Marie' waterlily is a 1928 William Tricker, Inc.

$25.50 ea.

Pink Perfection - Water Lily
Pink Perfection. The rich pink very fragrant blossom of this water lily is held high above the surface and is sometimes eight inches in diameter.

$25.75 ea.