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Aquatic Fertilizers and Planting Aquatics

Read about cut lily flowers for indoors in Tricker's books!
Using the correct preparation of aquatic planting soil and proper care will produce the descriptive flowers and growth that have adorned water gardens for decades! Tricker's aquatic fertilizers are used at our historic nursery and have been producing thousands of the finest aquatics for decades!
HOW to plant and fertilize the aquatics:

  1. Begin with a good topsoil (not potting soil).
  2. Mix into the soil the granular aquatic fertilizer Praefecta (see below).
  3. Mix into the soil Tricker's AMT (read more below if recommended).
  4. Put this soil mixture into the aquatic crate and plant your aquatics.
  5. Place crate with aquatic plants into your water garden. Then, fertilize monthly or as needed with Tricker's TRICO fertilizer tablets
Thus, you will need ONLY THREE items to correctly plant and fertilize your aquatic plants. Do not let a single year go by without enjoying the growth from our aquatic fertilizers! See cost savings collections below!

Aquatic Fertilizers and Planting Aquatics - Items

Praefecta - Aquatic Fertilizer
A superb initial starter aquatic fertilizer for mixing into the topsoil for water lilies, lotus, and other aquatics that was developed by one of Tricker's chemist to begin aquatic growth.
AMT - Aquatic Mineral Transport
AMT or Aquatic Mineral Transport is a must to be mixed into the aquatic topsoil before planting if your soil is lacking clay. Clay enhanced soil has always been recommended for aquatics and often overlooked.
Trico - Aquatic Fertilizer Pellets
After growth has begun using the granular Praefecta, the 'Trico' tablets are now used throughout the growing season in your water garden pool.
Fertilizer Planting Collection 1
All three recommended aquatic planting items at a reduced price over individual prices.

$39.99 ea.

Fertilizer Planting Collection 2
All three recommended aquatic planting items at a reduced price over individual prices.

$105.99 ea.

Trico Plant Feeder
Trico Plant Feeder. This device is designed to keep you dry while feeding your aquatics underwater. Just simple place in the Trico pellet in the end of this device and insert the pellet while standing on the shore of your water garden pool.

$48.50 ea.