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Flexible Rubber (EPDM) Pool Liners and Underlayment

Pool Liners: An Important Investment!

STOP: READ THIS FIRST: Make sure to read about the NEWEST revolutionary liner the "AquaTough with J-Tear Protection" before making any liner choice...MOST every liner will need modification by cutting...after cutting, this Protection brings peace of mind for years to come! Read more and click on AquaTough Liners. YOU will now purchase the BEST! And, the Pond Liner Protective Underlayment.

PLEASE DO NOT DIG WITHOUT Tricker's BOOKS! Tap here for the Tricker Books. And Welcome to a world of Water Gardening that has served our company for over a hundred years! Also, if adding fish please review our recommendations for the new pond.
Estimating Your Pool Liner Size. Measure the length (ft) and width (ft) of the pool desired. Add twice the poolxs depth to each dimension plus an allowance of 1 foot for overlap at the edges. For example, a 5 x 10 foot, 2 foot deep pool requires a liner whose width is 5 + 4 (twice the depth) + 1 = 10 feet and whose length is 10 + 4 + 1 = 15. Thus a pool liner of 10 x 15 is required in this example. If you are in doubt, please call, we will help you with your calculations.

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