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Pond Colorants, Algae Book

Pond Colorants and an Algae Book!

Pond Colorants often add a pleasing coloring to the water garden pool while suppressing the algae.
Algae Book is an excellent book to read and identify the different types of algae and various chemical remedies to control algae in lakes and large ponds.

Pond Colorants, Algae Book - Items

Ultra Clear Pond Colorant
Ultra Clear Blue. Excellent for ponds that safely colors the water blue. This is a organic pond colorant that not only adds a beautiful shade to your pond, but also protectes your fish and plants from extreme sunlight by blocking harmful UV light... click here to read more
Water Weeds and Algae Book
An in depth review of the water weeds (floating, submerged, emergent weeds, etc.) and algae identification and treatments. An invaluable guide for control of weeds and algae in lakes and ponds... click here to read more

$9.95 ea.