Tricker's is a family-run store. We are sorry to say that the aquatic store (live plants and animals) is currently closed due to family illness.
We hope to be offerring live plants, fish, tadpoles, etc. about mid-July.

Current orders are shipping ASAP.

We ARE accepting orders for & shipping hardgoods such as
fish food, medications, pumps, fountains, statues, planters, etc.

Call 1-855-222-1001 to inquire about or place an order for those products.
Or place your order for them online.

If you need a referral for aquatic plants, please check Lily Pons at

We look forward to serving your aquatic needs very soon!

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Tricker's Pond Fish

Fish add a beauty to your water garden. They combine color, movement and grace that cannot be added with any other type of gardening. If nature had its choice it would definitely put fish into your water garden.

Please Review our Fish Care tap here and THANKS!

Tricker's Pond Fish - Items

Japanese Koi
Japanese Koi are fish that originated in Japan about 800 AD and were once virtually unknown in the United States. Multicolored and hardy, these fish can be kept with all other outdoor water garden fish. Tricker's has a wonderful assortment of koi... click here to read more
Brilliantly colored and active. A fine strain prized for garden pools and ponds. Beautiful markings in black, white, red and silver. When these fish are present the insect life in its larval stages, i.e... click here to read more
Calico Shubunkins
The "Calico Shubunkins" are also known as the "Autumn Brocade Fish". This is a more fitting name, for the fishes brocade pattern of glorious colors are like the beautiful autumn foliage, and even more varied... click here to read more
Lemon-Yellow Goldfish
Want a great look in your water garden pool? These yellow colored goldfish are rare in the industry. The yellow goldfish have unusual gills and highly reflective scales.
Calico Fantails
These fish are similar to the "Calico Shubunkins" or the "Autumn Brocade Fish" but have a divided tail and thus are known as the Calico Fantails... click here to read more
Golden Orfe
The Golden Orfe (3-4") is a special pond fish with a streamlined body that has swift movement in the water garden pool and in fact is considered the "fastest" fish in the water garden pool... click here to read more
Black Telescope Moor
This all black Chinese fish is highly prized and makes striking color contrast among brighter fishes. If the purchase button is not displayed the fish are currently out of stock. Quantity limited. Please call or email for availability.
Fancy American Fantails
These popular fancy fish are extremely beautiful and considered by many fish experts to be one of the most elegant of the goldfish family... click here to read more
Select Premium Koi
If you are familiar with Select Premium Koi, then Tricker's can provide you with some very gorgeous select premium koi! Since Select Premium Koi is more expensive and varies as to availability, please call 1-800-524-3492... click here to read more