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Pygmy Hardy Lilies

For that special place in your water garden, tub garden or for that small area that needs a beautiful Hardy Pygmy Water Lily. The flowers and pads are smaller than the regular water lilies. These are all creations of the famous hybridizer M. Marliac, a true representation of his genius that has never been matched in the hardy water lilies. They can all withstand sub zero winters under ice and snow cover and are wonderful varieties that just grow and bloom profusely.
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Pygmy Hardy Lilies - Items

Aurora - Hardy Pygmy Lily
Aurora. This 1895 Marliac creation changes colors and patterns of leaves and blossoms from day to day. This single plant can be considered to be actually as many as three plants growing as one... click here to read more

$32.99 ea.

Yellow Pygmy - Hardy Pygmy Lily
Yellow Pygmy. A tiny 1879 Marliac hardy lily that is ideal for tub culture. The star-shaped flowers are one to two inches across and are a rich golden yellow. Leaves are pleasingly mottled with chocolate. The entire spread is often less than a foot... click here to read more

$29.25 ea.

Dainty Duo Collection: Aurora and Yellow Pygmy
An economical collection that includes two of the most popular hardy pygmy water lilies Aurora and Yellow Pygmy. This duo of hardy pygmy water lilies adds a wonderful color combination and marvelous look to any water garden pool... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $58.25

Reg: $62.24

Save: 7%

Andreana - Hardy Pygmy Lily
Andreana. This 1895 Marliac creation is a marvel in having BRICK red flowers. The flowers are cup shaped and will emerge from the water. The leaves are mottled a beautiful red-brown... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $31.50

Reg: $36.95

Save: 15%

Burgundy Princess - Hardy Pygmy Water Lily
Burgundy Princess. One of the deepest and richest red water lilies. The water lily is compact and produces dark red petals all summer long. The flower is approximately 2-4 inches and the pads are 4-5 inches... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $31.75

Reg: $33.50

Save: 6%