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Red Flowered Hardy Lilies

Tricker's has a wonderful assortment of Red Flowered Hardy Water Lilies that are have endured many decades of beauty. Many are from the famous hybridizer M. Marliac, the French hybrizier that produced some of the most beautiful hybrids today and have never been matched! They can all withstand sub zero winters under ice and snow cover and are wonderful varieties that just grow and bloom profusely. In warm climates they just burst into bloom! Enjoy a hybrid that Tricker customers have been growing for decades!
After selecting your water lilies do not forget the Special Planting Crates (tap here) and Tricker's proven Aquatic Fertilizer (tap here) to achieve the descriptive flowers and BEST growth!

Red Flowered Hardy Lilies - Items

Attraction - Hardy Water Lily
  Attraction Water Lily. This is a 1910 M. Marliac hybrid water lily. M. Marliac is considered one of the most important hardy water lily hybridizers in history. Attraction has one of the largest blossoms of all the hardy water lilies... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $28.99

Reg: $33.90

Save: 15%

Gloriosa - Hardy Water Lily
The 'Gloriosa' Hardy Water Lily is one of the biggest sellers among the hardy water lilies. [READ about Tricker's Gloriosa in the 1920s CLICK HERE] The famous M... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $29.99

Reg: $35.50

Save: 16%

William Falconer - Hardy Water Lily
William Falconer. Perhaps one of the deepest of the red petaled colored hardies, in fact so dark that they are often described as turning black! A 1899 hybrid by horticulturist and estate gardener James Brydon of Massachusetts... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $33.99

Reg: $46.00

Save: 27%

Froebeli - Hardy Water Lily
Froebeli Water Lily Froebeli Water Lily. In 1898, Mr. Froebeli's work on hybridization resulted in the attainment of a most beautiful dark wine red or blood red flowered water lily which is one of the best reds for a small pool... click here to read more

$36.50 ea.

James Brydon - Hardy Water Lily
James Brydon Water Lily was developed in 1899 by a noted estate gardener and horticulturist from Massachusetts James Brydon. The water lily was distributed by William Tricker who named it in his honor... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $29.99

Reg: $35.95

Save: 17%

Conqueror - Hardy Water Lily
Conqueror. This water lily is a M. Marliac, famous world renown hardy water lily hybridizer, award winning prolific variety introduced in 1910. The Award of Merit by the Royal Horticulture Society was given in 1912... click here to read more

$33.75 ea.

Vesuve (Vesuvius)
Vesuve (Vesuvius). A beautiful deep red amaranth color flower. This Marliac hybrid was introduced in 1906. In Marliac’s catalog it is stated that Vesuve is a “constant bloomer”... click here to read more

$37.75 ea.

Ellisiana - Hardy Water Lily
Ellisiana. Developed by Marliac in 1896 and received the Award of Merit by the Royal Horticulture Society. It has small blossoms, but its brilliant red coloration with a center of deep purple make this water lily quite outstanding... click here to read more

$25.50 ea.

Sultan - Hardy Water Lily
Sultan. Blossoms are large, cherry red, shading to a deeper color at their base. Petals are tipped and flecked white. The plant is a prolific bloomer, vigorous grower, and does especially well in small places... click here to read more

$25.75 ea.

Splendida - Hardy Water Lily
Splendida. A M. Marliac, world famous hardy water lily hybridizer, 1909 hybrid that has ruby colored flowers., becoming gradually darker as the season progresses. The plants are medium size and has been a favorite to many water gardeners... click here to read more

$24.99 ea.

Glowing Garnet Hardy Water Lily
Glowing Garnet Hardy Water Lily. A Tricker exclusive wonderful deep garnet water lily that will surely stand out in any water garden pool... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $59.99

Reg: $68.50

Save: 13%