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Red Flowered Night Bloomers

The Red Night Blooming Tropical Water Lilies will bring charm to your pool in the late afternoon (around 4:00 pm) and stay open in the evening and mysterious night hours when other water lilies sleep. They will close the following morning (around 10:00 am). Perfect to enjoy when coming going to and coming home from work! Combine these night bloomers with the day blooming water lilies and you will have 24 hours of blooms!
After selecting your water lilies do not forget the Special Planting Crates (click here) and Tricker's proven Aquatic Fertilizer (click here) to achieve the descriptive flowers and BEST growth!

Red Flowered Night Bloomers - Items

Emily Grant Hutchings - Night Blooming Water Lily
Emily Grant Hutchings. This beautiful red hybrid was produced by George Pring in 1922 and named after the wife of the secretary of Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, Missouri... click here to read more

$29.75 ea.

Antares - Night Blooming Lily
Antares. This is a very beautiful hybrid developed at the well known Longwood Gardens, PA. and has proven to be an excellent grower at Tricker's nurseries. Antares is one of the deepest reds found within the tropical night blooming water lilies... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $39.99

Reg: $44.75

Save: 11%

Red Flare - Night Blooming Lily
Red Flare. This excellent night blooming water lily was developed by the famous hybridizer Martin Randig of California in 1938. The blossoms are a deep red with foliage of a mahogany shade that stands out among the finest night bloomers... click here to read more

$29.50 ea.

Frank Trelease - Night Blooming Lily
Frank Trelease. Introduced in 1900 by James Gurney at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Petals are a glowing crimson color with blossoms often eight to ten inches in size. Stamens are dark reddish brown... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $29.75

Reg: $35.50

Save: 17%

Moonlight Pair - 2 Water Lilies
A red and white combination of night blooming tropicals of delicate charm at a reduced price. The splendor of the moonlight intensifies their beauty and created this collection... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $48.99

Reg: $57.25

Save: 15%