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Scavengers : Tadpoles and Snails

We cannot say enough in favor of scavengers for your water lily pool or an aquarium! Scavengers are the housekeepers of the water garden or aquarium. Your fish feed upon insects, snails devour algae and green scum, and tadpoles eat decayed matter Since each snail has a different appetite and function, a VARIETY of snails should be selected.

Scavengers : Tadpoles and Snails - Items

Live Bearing Trapdoor Snails
Live Bearing Trapdoor Snails. Live bearing "trapdoor" snails are large, hardy snails that should be a part of every pool or aquaium. They devour algae and green scum and thus help to keep the water clear.
Melantho Snails
Melantho Snails. These wonderful snails have long spiral shells like the "Horn of Plenty". They are very active and hardy scavengers. Will consume left over fish foods, algae and any decaying plants... click here to read more
Black Ramshorn Snails
Black Ramshorn Snails. Very prolific egg layers and particularly useful in removing the algae or green scum that forms in the sunlight. An excellent scavenger in any water garden pool or aquarium where scavengers are at home... click here to read more
Mystery Snails
Mystery Snails (Pomaceae bridgesii) are wonderful snails both for warm water garden pools and aquariums. Excellent scavengers since they love to eat algae and left over fish food that can foul a water garden pool or aquarium... click here to read more
Frog Tadpoles
Frog Tadpoles. The younger generation of the frog family that grows legs the first or second season; up to three inches long; active in devouring decayed matter and green algae. Harmless to fish and plants... click here to read more
Toad Tadpoles
Toad Tadpoles. For those gardeners that are familiar with toads. These wonderful tadpoles (American Toad, Bufo americanus) that will change to adults in the following weeks... click here to read more