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Snowflakes - Aquatic Marvels

Snowflakes make a wonderful addition to any water garden pool. They have delicate flowers with attractive pads. The snowflakes give an attractive look to any water garden pool. As they grow they produce "pads" that float gently float on the surface of the water similar to water lilies.
Snowflakes are a wonderful addition to any water garden pool! Do NOT miss a season without them!

Snowflakes - Aquatic Marvels Selections

Water Snowflake
Water Snowflake. This is a very charming little plant. Small heart-shaped leaves float on the surface, and from the junction between the leaf and leaf stalk emanate clusters of dainty white flowers with yellow centers.

$6.85 ea.

Giant Water Snowflake
Giant Water Snowflake. Very similar to Water Snowflake however the leaves are much larger, over 4" in diameter and produce the largest flowers of the Water Snowflake. A great addition to any water garden pool. read more...

$10.50 ea.

Orange Water Snowflake
Orange Water Snowflake. The RARE Orange Water Snowflake which is introduced at Tricker's nursery in 2007. Very similar to the Water Snowflake, however the flower not only is a rare outstanding orange color, but has wonderful delicate fringes. read more...

$16.90 ea.

New Zealand Water Snowflake
New Zealand Water Snowflake (Nymphoides cristata). Very similar to the Water Snowflake, however there is purple edging around the leaves. Makes a beautiful "snow-flake" like flower. read more...

$9.50 ea.

Variegated Water Snowflake
Variegated Water Snowflake. Beautiful green bronze variegated leaves. Resembles the water snowflake in producing a multitude of wonderful "snow-flake" like flowers. Produces a multitude of flowers all summer long!

$9.90 ea.

Montana Snowflake
Montana Snowflake (Nymphoides montana). A very attractive snowflake. Very similar to the Water Snowflake, however the leaves have an attractive dark mottling with a contrasting deep green. read more...

$8.50 ea.

Yellow Flowered Snowflake
Yellow Flowered Snowflake. A most unusual snowflake that displays a delicate yellow fringed flower that is a wonderful attraction in any water garden pool. The small, up to 4 inch leaves are dark green with brown to black variegation. read more...

Reg: $17.95

Today's Sale: $10.95

Save: 39%

Marbled Water Fringe
A wonderful snowflake from Australia that resembles the Yellow Floating Heart. It has bright yellow snowflake-like flowers that are very attractive. read more...

Reg: $18.95

Today's Sale: $9.95

Save: 48%

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