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Spring and Fall Fish Food

Spring and Fall are special times of the year that fish should receive a special diet of wheat germ nutrients that are highly digestible in cooler temperatures.
Fish should be given a variety of foods for proper nutrition!


Spring and Fall Fish Food - Items

Omega One Wheat Germ Sticks - Spring/Fall Fish Food
It is important to stop feeding cold water fish when the temperature of the water goes below 50 degrees F... click here to read more
Ultra Clear - Spring/Fall Fish Food
When water temperatures are around 50 degrees, this spring/fall fish food pellets are a natural vegetable and plant based koi and goldfish pond fish food that is easily digested... click here to read more

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Blue Ridge Cool Water Wheat Germ
Provides improved digestibility below 60 degrees when koi and fish metabolism slows down. The pellets float on the water's surface.