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William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
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It all began in a cave with the crudest of materials: some mud, a stick, perhaps inks prepared from the byproducts of plants or animals. Cave paintings were the earliest attempt for humans to capture the human form. It's no wonder; the human form is art in its purest form. As tastes evolved, so did our artistic techniques including the art form of sculpting statues. A good statue speaks to us in a way that no other piece can. More alive than a painting or drawing, more moving than a piece of music, the right statue evokes in us emotions we may not have known existed.

In a sense, when we are looking at a statue, we are looking into a mirror of not only our own emotion, but into the nature of the entire human race.

That is why statues remain as popular an art form as ever. Statues are not only beautiful, but they can tell a story better than we can. By evoking more than mere words, we are able to express the moment in a unique and personal way.

Sculptors are the keenest observers of humanity and when you pick the right statue for your garden, you are telling a story to all who experience the special place you have created. Find the right one here.

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Welcome Obelisk
41" H x 18" Dia

Reg: $468.00

Today's Sale: $390.00

Save: 17%

Artichoke Finial
21" H x 14" W

Reg: $235.00

Today's Sale: $196.00

Save: 17%

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