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The TAROS contain in their group the tuberous herbs grown chiefly for their foliage and succeeding best in shallow water or moist soil. All are easiest to culture and add a very attractive display to any water garden pool.

The Taros add a special attraction to any water garden pool. Their elephant ear-like foliage will gently move in the summer breezes in a unique manner. They are tropical plants but can be brought indoors and enjoyed in winter.

Do not forget to plant them correctly and fertilize with the aquatic fertilizer. Tap here to read about planting and care! And, if you need planting crates tap here.

Taros - Items

Variegated Yellow Taro
This unusual taro will add a variegated yellow and green coloration in your water garden pool. Complements the water and the other plants in the pool and will stand out as a special feature.

Today's Sale: $11.98

Reg: $23.95

Save: 50%

Dwarf Silver Taro
Taros are wonderful for water gardens and adding a dwarf taro is just what your water garden pool or tub garden needs. Beautiful miniatured colored leaves with a silver splash highlighting the center that show admirably.

Today's Sale: $20.99

Reg: $23.95

Save: 13%

Green Taro
Probably the most beautiful form of taro, with large green leaves, 3 feet or most long nearly as wide. They resemble the shape of the ears of an African elephant. The summer breeze makes this plant a special addition to any water garden pool.
Red Stem Taro
Unique foliage in rich green or dark purplish-red stems. It is a strong grower and will add to the beauty of your water garden.
Violet Stem Taro
One of the very striking Taros. The leaves are a beautiful blue-green. The stems, midribs and veins underneath the leaves are a lovely lavender, the same color being repeated in the edges of the leaves. Most unusual.
Imperial Taro
The finest of the Asiatic Taros. The leaves are attractively blotched a dark brown and violet black. This makes an excellent center piece for the small pool or very satisfactory house plant when potted. Grows to about 3 feet tall.
Ruby Taro
This is the only Taro with a distinct red stem and violet leaves. It grows to about 3 to 5 feet tall. It's attractive color will add delight to your water garden.
Black Magic Taro
Black Magic Taro is a very unusual taro with dark black leaves. It grows to about 3 feet.
Dwarf Jade Taro
Dwarf Jade Taro. This beautiful taro-like plant has unusual bright green shiny leaves. It grows to about 3 feet.
Chicago Harlequin Taro
Chicago Harlequin Taro. A great aquatic taro that grows wonderfully in any water garden pool. The elephant ear-like green leaves are variegated with a lighter green making a beautiful display. The most unusual attibute is the 5 foot stems.

$10.99 ea.