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Tricker's Planting Instructions

Trickers Planting Instructions

Tricker’s Planting Instructions can also be emailed to your for printing. Always enjoy your water garden pool or aquarium today with the proven products recommended by William Tricker, Inc.®

Planting Instructions: WATER LILIES

Water lilies like roomy planting containers and correct amounts of aquatic fertilizer. Plant your water lily with the roots firmly set in good heavy top soil that contains clay (do not use potting soil, if you do not have clay in the soil use AMT). Mix the recommended amount of Tricker’s aquatic fertilizer Praefecta into the soil for developing excellent roots and blooms. Be very careful with the crown of the water lily. The crown of the lily is the point of the plants that the leaves are joined together. Cover the top of the soil with 1/2 inch water safe “pea-gravel”. Do not cover the crown of the plant with soil or gravel. Place the planted water lily into your water garden from to two to six inches of water above the crown depending upon the size of the plant. FUTURE CARE: Fertilize with two Trico blue aquatic fertilizer tablets every two weeks which is intended to develop and produce the flowers.

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