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WOW! See Tricker's Baby Fish Video's

Tricker's Arrivals: WOW!

Below are some videos and photos from Tricker's Historic Hatchery

And YEP, we're PROUD to show you our photographs and videos! They will soon grow and turn into some of the most attractive fish on the planet (at least that's how we feel and their parents!)

Email us and let us know what you think of our babies! We will share your comments with our hatchery staff since they require constant attention (fish that is, and the staff too!). CLICK HERE TO EMAIL Tricker's with your comments!
Spawning of Fish in the Spring
Why are the Fish so active and splashing around in the Spring? This is a very common sight in the Spring in water chasing fish, see the video and you will witness the common activity of fish. Nature in action!
Two Week Old Fancy Goldfish!
In this video you will witness Fancy Goldfish that are only 2 weeks old... and you will also see the proud parents...Enjoy a marvel of nature that only some are special to witness.
Two month old Fancy Goldfish!
New Born fish and Ramshorn Snail
These little fancy goldfish fry are perhaps the most amazing fish to watch in their infant stages! Look close as the little guy is positioned to make a dive to the bottom. See the Black Ramshorn Snail on the plant, the snail is just about his size!
Goldfish feed on Daphnia in the Vallisneria
Now here is a sight as the goldfish makes a swim for our live fish food Daphnia that tries to avoid him in the Vallisneria leaves.
Baby fish and Ramshorn Snail
Again look closely, the Black Ramshorn Snail is just about as large as the fish! Also, there are two fish in this photograph, Nature tries to hide them!
Developing Colors
In this photogroph you can see the developing body colors! This fancy goldfish is already thinking he is special, and perhaps you agree! Email us and let us know what you thinkl
Developing Goldfish Fingerlings
This photograph shows the colors have not developed yet. Gives them a great chance at survival in the wild by being able to blend into the surroundings. At times the true goldfish colors do not develop until fully grown!
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