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Information about water gardening is important and valuable as long as you can be assured of the source. We encourage you to respond with your comments. Tricker's has been helping customers for decades and for decades the customers have enjoyed WATER GARDENING! Join our Tricker's BLOG CLICK HERE or send us an email with any of your concerns CLICK HERE
Our popular William Tricker, Inc.® Water Garden Catalog is loaded with information and if you are not a regular customer of Tricker's please become one CLICK HERE. In addition, with the purchase of any item you will now receive our popular On Tricker's Pond Newsletter that not only has tips for water gardeners, but also valuable cost savings coupons. TropicalSplash.jpg
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Water lilies are one of the foundations of Tricker's. It is rather disappointing to see varieties of well known water lilies to be misrepresented on the internet as well as other sources. Tricker's has been giving age old descriptions and introduction dates of many popular water lilies that have adorned water gardens for decades and our customers have been making their decisions based upon these descriptions. We hope you will enjoy seeing and reading some of the past introductions that Tricker's water lily propagators continue to grow and meet these historic founding descriptions at our historic nurseries and offer to our long time customers. Historic books, along with other water lily experts that have collaborated with our company have documented these water lilies over the years. These are the water lilies that Tricker's continues to sell and adorn water gardens throughout the world. Enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed.

1. Step back in Tricker Water Lily History. Each of Tricker's water lilies that we offer are special and have an age old "story" to tell that make them special. These are the water lilies you will receive at Tricker's! Some of our special water lilies have links to show the original images in age old catalogs along with age old descriptions. These have been incorporated into historic lectures used by Richard Lee, president William Tricker, Inc.®. For DECADES Tricker customers have been receiving the BEST descriptive water lilies, and this can only be true by offering the actual varieties that meet the "age old" descriptions. Enjoy!

A. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson Water Lily. This link shows Mrs. Woodrow Wilson Water Lily, introduced by William Tricker in 1914, on the cover of William Tricker's catalog in 1915. The link also gives the original description of his water lily. Click Here.

B. Panama Pacific Water Lily. This link shows Panama Pacific Water Lily, introduced in 1914, on the cover of Tricker's 1915 catalog. The flower is a rather hard to photograph because of the array of vibrant colors in the flower but at this link you can see the portrait of Panama Pacific and you can read William Tricker's actual catalog description when he introduced one of his most popular water lilies. Click Here.

C. Gloriosa Water Lily. This link shows one of Tricker's best hardy red flowered water lilies as shown and described in Tricker's catalogs in 1926 and a 1928 advertisement. Click Here.

D. Bowl full of Water Lilies. This link will show a bowl full of named water lilies that was selected in 1925 to bring beauty and aroma to the home! The photograph is found on the back of Tricker's 1926 catalog. Also, if you look carefully, you can see the customer's pool through the window! What more can you want? Click Here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Purchase these same three water lilies and you can also have the feeling of a home in 1926, but can you see your water garden pool from your window?


1. . How to Choose Water Lilies - it is important to know what lilies you are purchasing and characteristics of each.

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3. Spring Fish Care - Fish need attention in the early Spring learn about the techniques here.

4. Planting Oxygenators and Two Important ones you should have!

5. About Live Fish Foods - live fish foods are natural for all fish, learn about feeding here.

6. Got More Questions? Enter our Water Garden and Fish Blog.

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