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Tricker Videos that instruct you with Water Gardening or Aquarium Keeping
These Tricker videos can be found in our extensive web site, but can be accessed from this page. Videos are added periodically, so please return to check on new videos as they are released. ENJOY!
After viewing each video, to return to this page hit the back arrow, top left of your computer or right click your mouse and select "back"
Videos for Oxygenating Plants:

Vallisneria in a River: Witness one of the most popular oxygenators in nature in a spectacular sight in a natural River. If you never seen Vallisneria in a River then this is a REAL treat. Filmed by Richard Lee, President of Wm Tricker, Inc.®. Watch for a special creature on the shore of the River at the end.

5 Video Oxygenating Plants: In this video you will see 5 commonly purchased oxygenators as they are visited by fish. This video represents a discounted collection of oxygenators that can be purchased.

Videos for Water Lilies and Lotus:

Water Lily Preview.: Three water lily previews on this link show the differences of Day Blooming, Night Blooming and Pygmy Water Lilies grown at historic Willam Tricker, Inc.®. An expanded video can be purchased

Lotus Plants Preview. Shows a quick preview of the lotus grown at historic William Tricker, Inc.®. Page also discusses Tricker's Lotus.

Videos about Water Garden and/or Aquarium Fish:
Sunburst Goldfish. Watch this amazing video of the yellow colored Sunburst swimming among Anacharis, Vallisneria, Hornwort, and Wisteria. The red colored gills stand out on the yellow fish.

Golden Orfs: Have you ever seen the swimming of one of the fastest fish for the water garden pool? You will want a pair of these special fish for your water garden pool.

Fancy Goldfish swimming in Vallisneria. Excellent video showing some of Tricker's fancy goldfish swimming in the popular oxygenator Vallisneria.

Baby Goldfish: Watch these videos and you will see just born baby goldfish.

Spawning Fish. Watch the activity of fish, commonly seen in the early Spring in water garden pools.

Aquarium Supplies:

Outside Aquarium Filter: This video will show the operation of a popular brand of aquarium filter that has a special "skimmer".

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